Matty And Sarah Marie's Newborn Baby Malik Made His Gogglebox Debut

Baby Malik has become the youngest member of the Gogglebox family, joining parents Matty and Sarah Marie and Uncle Jad on the couch for Season 11.

Matty and Sarah Marie announced the exciting news of their pregnancy ahead of Season 10 and Gogglebox viewers were part of the couple's journey as they prepared for their first child's birth in November.

Now a few months old, Malik has joined his mum, dad, Jad and bulldog Bane in sitting back to critique some of Australia's most popular TV shows.

While the newborn isn't around for every segment -- presumably taking some well-earned naps -- he did stay up to catch the family-friendly Dancing With The Stars, including Christian Wilkins and Lily Cornish's Week 2 performance.

Hotpants that would make Kylie proud. Image: Network 10.

The dance couple's sexy cha cha to Kylie Minogue's "Spinning Around" caught the attention of all the Gogglebox households with Lily's form-fitting gold hotpants the centre of everyone's conversation.



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Although new mum Sarah Marie decided the scene might not be G-rated enough for baby Malik, jokingly covering the newborn's eyes.

"Oh my god, look away mister," she said, as Jad and Matty remained glued to the telly.

Avert your eyes! Image: Network 10.

Earlier in the show, as the Goggleboxers watched Christian and Lily at their rehearsal studio, Malik was seen snuggling up to uncle Jad, looking extremely chill but very focused on the couple's cha cha choreography.

Image: Network 10.

Even when Malik is off-camera, there are traces of the couple's new life as parents -- including when the trio noticed a spider was lurking on the lounge room ceiling.

"Is there a tissue?" asked Matty, as he climbed on top of Jad to reach the creepy crawly.

"Don't touch my breast pads, no!" yelled Sarah Marie as she watched her husband grab the breastfeeding fabric.

To which Matty replied: "Ahhhh, is that why that's wet, is that milk?"

The chaotic scene kicks off the very beginning of Season 11 and it's comforting to know that Malik hasn't changed the dynamic of the hilarious trio one bit.

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