'I Was Super Beaten Up': Phoebe Spent Most Of Her Time On All Stars With Fractured Vertebrae

After a hectic and emotional tribal council, Phoebe Timmins had spiritual and actual wounds to take care of.

Following the epic blindside that saw her torch snuffed on Tuesday, Phoebe told 10 daily one of the first things she had to do was go to the hospital.

"When I came home I was super beaten up," she said. Returning from All Stars with infected spider bites, requiring surgery on her knee as well as fracturing her vertebrae, the healing was just beginning. "Then I had to process the emotional toll of the game."

In the second episode, the castaways wrestled for the chance to visit the Survivor store in an intense and brutal reward challenge.

Phoebe was up against AFLW player Abbey Holmes. The pair wrestled for over 20 minutes, injuring the vertebrae in her neck.

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'Survivor Is A Game About Trust': Phoebe Explains Why She Told David About The Idol Clue

It was the move that potentially cost her the game, but to understand why Phoebe told the Golden God about her idol clue we first have to go back a few days.

'I Was Super Beaten Up': Phoebe Spent Most Of Her Time On All Stars With Fractured Vertebrae
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"I was in a lot of pain out there," Phoebe said. "I did get really injured... that's something I'm super proud of. I really put myself on the line. I did most of my Survivor experience quite injured and I performed.

"That's something I feel quite proud of."

Despite pushing through the pain, her choice to reveal an idol clue to what she thought was her ally, Golden God David Genat, a move which saw her receive a lot of flack on social media.

A huge difference between All Stars and Phoebe's first go at Survivor in Season 1 is the role social media now plays, with fans or critics of the show having easy access to fire off messages to castaways. For some, Like Phoebe, being able to ignore the negative comments was tough this time around.

"It's so hard. You're human, you know you did your best and there's more to the strategy and dynamics and everything that happens," she said.

"You want to explain yourself, you want to have your voice, you want to say your piece and all that stuff but no one cares," she added.

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"When it comes to hate you want to be like, 'You don't know!' People get really personal online like, 'What kind of lawyer is she?'"

"It's like, geez, you make one mistake, trust the wrong person, it doesn't make you bad at life," Phoebe told 10 daily.

It's also Survivor, far from real life in the first place. Running around a beach sticking her arms into termite mounds isn't exactly the same as practising law. "It's slightly different," she said, laughing, "slightly..."

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On top of the pressure of dealing with constant social media feedback, Phoebe also said an unseen difficulty with returning for All Stars came in the form of her own history on the show.

"You want to make the fans proud," she explained, "You want them to be celebrating the things you do and -- for someone like me that was so celebrated the first time I played -- I felt an enormous amount of pressure to be able to deliver for fans.

"You come into this game with a huge reputation, that was something I didn't anticipate when I got out there," Phoebe said.

Admitting that the pressure "comes from a place of deep investment in your experience", each of the All Stars comes from a place of loving the game of Survivor, as well as wanting that title of sole survivor.

"It's just a game, it is just a game, but it feels personal when you're so invested in something you experienced," she said. "When you are subject to public scrutiny it can be difficult to take all that on because you're not detached from it. It means something to you."

After she got quite literally patched up from her various injuries, Phoebe went to a yoga retreat in an effort to slowly adjust back to real life. Struggling with the fact that the one person she wanted to talk to, she couldn't.

"The person that has all the answers for you, you have to put all that on hold and wait for that closure and that decompressing and debrief to work through what happened," she said.

"I just needed to go and breathe, let it all out. I spent some time processing, healing, doing some yoga and getting myself in a good space where I was ready to come back to life. Come back to normal and put it all behind me."

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