We Asked A Dancing With The Stars Judge To Critique Zach's Flamenco

In an effort to raise some spirits on the beach, Nick convinced his tribe to show off some of their skills in an All Stars Got Talent type pageant.

Mokuta gathered as Lee took control as the evening's host with the most (and with his shorts hoiked up so high they probably could have found an idol up there).

Welcoming his fellow tribemates to wow a distinguished panel of judges: Tarzan, Nick and Phoebe.

First up was the Golden God, international model David who showed off what it means to really work a catwalk. Apparently all it takes is a really good bum.

Next up, Jacquie showed off some of her bodybuilding poses, showing off her lats and traps to a chorus of oohs and ahhs (mostly from Tarzan).

We Asked A Dancing With The Stars Judge To Critique Zach's Flamenco
It's a 10 from Tarzan. Photo: Network 10.

Next was Sharn, who showed off her tongue-twisting abilities to bust out the classic Betty Botter.

"If you had spoken that well at final tribal council maybe you wouldn't have lost," Nick jibed from the judges panel -- rivalling Dancing with the Stars' Craig Revel Horwood for snarkiest judge of the year.

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But it was Zach who really surprised the tribe with his secret talent: a little flamenco dance.

We Asked A Dancing With The Stars Judge To Critique Zach's Flamenco
Dancing With The All Stars, coming soon. Photo: Network 10.

Zach's performance elicited hoots and hollers from his tribemates, but we wanted to know what a pro really thought, so we asked.

Chatting to 10 daily, Dancing's own Tristan MacManus admitted Zach surprised him with his moves.

"He had good shapes and a strong rhythm but flamenco is tough," Tristan said. "You can run, but you can't hide!

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"I think if you asked most people what flamenco looked like they would have done something similar to this. He is a competitive guy, and he's done a decent job there. Maybe we will see him try to survive the ballroom next season!"

As for if Zach's moves had won Tristan over, sadly that wasn't the case.

"I'm team Abbey!"

Australian Survivor: All Stars' airs Monday-Wednesday at 7.30 pm and Dancing With The Stars airs Sundays at 7.30 Only on 10 and WIN Network.