'We Didn't Say That!': What Happens When Lee And Keith Watch Gogglebox

Lee and Keith are one of Australia's favourite Gogglebox couples -- but it's not often they tune into the show themselves.

The popular series gives us a peek into lounge rooms around the country as families and friends critique the best (and worst) of the small screen.

But if you were starring on Gogglebox it would definitely feel a little spooky to sit down and watch yourself on TV... watching TV.

Speaking to 10 daily ahead of the Gogglebox Season 11 premiere, Lee and Keith said they "very, very rarely" tune in to relive their recent history on the couch together.

"It’s weird watching yourself," Keith said, with Lee agreeing that they often get a rude reminder of comments they've made. 

"It doesn’t sound like me and then when I’m saying something, I look at Keith and go, ‘I never said that. When did I say that?’ she said, laughing.

Photo: Network 10.

The Melbourne-based couple added that they love to watch their fellow Goggleboxers, but just don't have the appetite to absorb themselves on screen.

"We usually fast forward us and watch everybody else, we love everybody else," Lee told 10 daily. 

"It gets to us and we think, ‘Oh no, why did we say that? What was I wearing?'"



'This Love Is Huge': Gogglebox Favourites Lee And Keith Are Now Grandparents

One of Gogglebox's most beloved couples, Lee and Keith have just become grandparents for the first time and, of course, fans are thrilled.

Lee and Keith have been part of Gogglebox Australia since the very beginning, when the show kicked off in 2015, and have since become close with the families they indirectly watch telly with.

"We call ourselves a weird family that gets together once or twice a year. We have a ball, all we do is laugh," said Lee. 

Image: Network 10.

The couple even went along to cheer on former Goggleboxer Angie Kent during her second week on Dancing With The Stars when she danced the foxtrot dressed as a dazzling ice queen.

"We asked if we could get into the audience and we caught up afterwards," Lee said with Keith adding that "it was sad to see her go" during week three. 

"She was going great -- and Carlin was there!" he added.

"We got to meet him, he's lovely," said Lee.

When they're not catching up with their "weird" Gogglebox family, Lee and Keith have had their hands full with the newest addition to their own clan, welcoming their first granddaughter just six weeks ago.

"Riley Elizabeth, she’s absolutely gorgeous," said Lee. "She’s six weeks and three days. 

"But who’s counting?" the couple say in unison. 

The new grandparents have been minding baby Riley twice a week when her mum teaches ballet and are bursting with pride when they talk about the time they spend with her.

The Bachelorette


'Please Don't Let Them Be Dickheads': The Gogglebox Families React To Angie's First Night As Bachelorette

For years she sat on the couch next to bestie Yvie Jones throwing shade at Bachelors and Bachelorettes, and now that it's Angie's on the other side of the screen, our favourite Gogglebox families got their turn.

"She sleeps a lot and I don’t want to wake her up," said Keith. "She’s just chill, she sleeps, wakes up and has her bottle, goes back to sleep, does a poo."

Which sounds like the ideal television watching companion for her armchair critic grandparents?

"She is!" Lee told 10 daily. "We’re hoping to have her on the screen one day but we’ll have to see." 

Image: Network 10.

They added that the newborn is too young to be watching television right now, but Lee is keen to watch kids shows on the ABC with her when she's old enough.

"I’ll be watching everything -- the cartoons, all the Disney movies," he said. 

And in the meantime, we can watch Lee and Keith critiquing their favourite show at the moment, Survivor. 

"I listen to every single word they say!" said Lee, explaining that Keith enjoys it but isn't a fan of long tribal councils. "He gets mad when Jonathan starts asking..."

"50 million questions!" interjected Keith.

Chatting to Lee and Keith makes us remember exactly why we love them so much, and why we'll be glad they'll be right there with us for the rest of the Survivor season.

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