DWTS 2020: Grant Denyer's Top Tip For This Year's Contestants

He took out the Mirrorball Trophy way back in 2006, so we found out what words of wisdom Dancing With The Stars host Grant Denyer dished out to this year's crop of contestants.

"I always say to them, 'Don't be afraid to be sh-t!'" he laughed over the phone to 10 daily.

"When you're on a show that's publicly voted, one of the best ways to win it is to be the one that starts off the worst and then gets really good," Grant explained, adding, "Australia really rallies behind an underdog and they like seeing someone get better right in front of their eyes, so I think coming out strong from the start actually hurts your chances."



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He continued, "I firmly believe the worse you are, the better your chances -- as long as you get better!"

Grant's theory seems to ring true when you look at last year's winner, Samuel Johnson, who fast became one of the most beloved contestants over the course of the series, which lead him to victory over Courtney Act, who was consistently the strongest performer throughout the season.



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But when it comes to our newest bunch of stars shimmying on the DF, Grant believes they're all so determined to win that it's anyone's guess as to who might take out the top spot.

"The level of performance is very high, and everyone's going really hard at it -- it's very competitive!" he said.



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"They're all full throttle this year. Last year, people were doing it for fun and thought it would be something nice and different, but this year they're all like a bull at a gate and gunning hard to win, which is kind of cool."

As for which one of these bulls is at the top of Grant's list to win the Mirrorball Trophy?

"That's a tough one," he mused, adding, "Celia is very strong. For someone who hasn't really ever danced before, she's quite talented at it already. Then there's Claudia Karvan -- she's magnificent to watch --  she has just really taken to it so very quickly."

He continued, "But then there are other people who've to work a little harder at it, Ed Kavalee had a bumpy couple of weeks but he has that dogged determination about him and he just won't let go."

"He put so much work in to make up for lack of natural ability, and he's definitely made up for that -- he's working harder than anybody. So it's hard to tell, really," he concluded.

Dancing With The Stars airs Sundays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.