The Surprising Challenge Beasts Of Australian Survivor: All Stars

While the Olympians, athletes and Gladiators of the Survivor world are celebrated for their strength and endurance, we don't often sing the praises of the modest challenge beasts.

They're the contestants who might not be bulging with muscles or talking about their favourite workout at the gym but these quiet achievers have summoned the same kind of superhuman strength as their beefier counterparts -- and we've been paying attention.

Just as physical players are often accused of having no strategy, it's assumed that the social players are weak, dead weights and it's time for us all to appreciate that the All Stars don't fit into the pre-made cookie-cutter Survivor stereotypes.

Shonee Fairfax

Image: Network 10.

Shonee copped a bit of flak on the original Mokuta tribe for not pulling her weight in challenges but the Dalmatian-loving social assassin has blossomed in the supportive surrounds of the new Vakama.

After some instruction from Locky to use her hips in the ocean tug-of-war challenge, Shonee gave a shimmy and a smile before she dragged the incredibly jacked Jacqui -- a competition-level bodybuilder --  right into the sea.

Australian Survivor


'I Hope They Regret Sending Me To Exile!': A Review Of Shonee's Savvy Survivor Playbook

After her trip to Exile Beach, Shonee has returned to camp with a renewed sense of focus towards her razor-sharp social game.

Nick Iadanza

Image: Network 10.

While Nick might joke about his Dad Bod or about being the Soccer Mum sitting on the sideline minding everyone's bags -- he's been proving that he's not just an All Star puzzle wizard, he's a formidable challenge threat.

Nick smashed his way through the river's fast-flowing current to grab a flag, and a point, for Mokuta as well as an incredibly proud dad reaction from Lee.

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‘I’ve Got Big Shoes To Fill And They’re My Own’: Why Phoebe Decided To Put Her ‘Survivor’ Legacy On The Line

Even though she didn't win Season 1 of 'Australian Survivor', lawyer Phoebe Timmins left the game with a reputation as a master strategist.

Phoebe Timmins

Image: Network 10.

Social threats can be challenge threats too! Phoebe's official brand is that of a silver-tongued lawyer capable of forging relationships and thinking strategically. But she's proven to be an asset in the pool (the river), behind the tug of war rope, and during that 20 minute-plus wrestling match with former AFLW player, Abbey.

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'Australian Survivor': The Joke That Started Tarzan's Career As A Lime Farmer

It's only been eight years since Mark 'Tarzan' Herlaar became a lime farmer and the idea popped up in a rather unusual way.

Mark 'Tarzan' Herlaar

Image: Network 10.

It's usually Locky or Zach who are held up as the challenge beasts of All Stars, but we'd like to applaud Tarzan for his spectacular show of strength and gorgeous sledging while pushing that giant crate up against Harry in the hopes of scoring that elusive fish and chips reward.

"You don't need those chips, mate," Tarzan told Harry, as they both held firm in their positions.

"Yeah I do, I'm hungry! " replied Harry with a smile, even though he was dangerously close to his edge of the pontoon.

Australian Survivor


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One of the most satisfying parts of watching 'Survivor' is when a group of starved contestants is set loose on a mountain of fast food.

And without missing a beat, Tarzan delivered his most cutting phrase of the season so far, right before he unleashed his "old-man strength" and charged at Harry until he plopped right into the ocean.

"Well, why don't you start chewing on this?" the lime farmer asked.

Just as JLP noted, age is definitely not a disadvantage in this game and neither is keeping a few of your lights hidden well beneath your Survivor bushel.

Australian Survivor: All Stars' airs Monday-Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.