'How Can It Be A Draw?' Phoebe Eliminated From All Stars After Nick's Advantage Goes To Waste

Phoebe Timmins has become the latest All Star to leave Australian Survivor, after a chaotic tribal council for Mokuta. 

The Melbourne-based lawyer had been voted out by her tribe the previous week, but saved herself against Vakama's Lydia Lassila in a nail-biting fire-making challenge.

Phoebe's return to camp made for an uncomfortable atmosphere, with the All Star having to live with the knowledge that a large portion of her tribe had attempted to give her the boot.

Mokuta's winning streak meant that Moana and her so-called minions -- Tarzan and Jacqui -- had to bide their time, but the trio remained laser-focused on the name they'd be writing down at their next tribal (even if they weren't exactly sure how to spell it).

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After Phoebe's success in finding an idol clue at the Survivor cake shop, it seemed as though she'd been thrown a lifeline -- if only she hadn't made the tragic mistake of filling in the idol-hungry David, who had been planning his revenge on her after she had recently sided with Nick.

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It was the move that potentially cost her the game, but to understand why Phoebe told the Golden God about her idol clue we first have to go back a few days.

"I actually cannot believe that Phoebe is telling me about this clue," Dave told the camera, with a glint in his eye.

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After sending Phoebs down the garden path to hunt through termite mounds she'd definitely already checked, David raced off in the opposite direction to claim his second hidden immunity idol -- breaking an Australian Survivor record for most necklaces held by a single person at one time.

So it wasn't too much of a blow for Dave (or Moana and her minions) when Mokuta lost the immunity challenge, with the plan to eliminate Phoebe back on track.

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Phoebe continued her search for the idol that David had already snatched away and the model reassured her that she just had to "trust" him and the process -- which should have set off warning bells for Phoebs.

But Dave's supportive words, trusting energy and comforting body language dissipated as soon as Mokuta sat down at tribal council, where it seemed like Phoebe was just beginning to sense that something wasn't quite right.

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Although Dave's name was never in danger of being written down, he made an announcement as he unzipped his leather jacket, revealing the very idol that Phoebe had been searching for.

"Tonight is about taking myself out of the equation and I'm going to do that with this guy," he said.

"I plan on following through with exactly what I said I was going to do today so I want to make sure everyone is following that plan," he added.

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Phoebe commented that she "didn't really think that David was in trouble" and was clearly rattled by the wildcard move, even though Nick pointed out that it didn't mean he was actually going to play the idol.

"He's just wearing it around his neck, which is a boss move," Nick said, not looking too concerned, knowing that he was about to use his own advantage to try and save Phoebe.

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You'll remember that it was Nick who unlocked Pandora's Box first, scoring an extra sheet of parchment to allow him to vote twice at the tribal council of his choosing.

But with several chaotic elements at play, things didn't quite go to plan.

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As JLP read the votes it became clear that there was a tie between Moana and Phoebe who had five votes apiece -- confusing most of nine Mokutans.

"There's nine people, how can it be a draw?" Jacqui asked. "None of that makes sense."

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Of course, we could see how the numbers had landed at ten with Moana, Tarzan, Jacqui, David, and Zach placing their votes on Phoebe, and Nick (x2) Lee, Phoebe and a very indecisive Sharn writing down Moana's name.

Jonathan confirmed that an advantage was at play and the group -- minus Moana and Phoebe -- would vote again.

As David scrawled down his distinctive 'Pheebs' onto his parchment he noted that swinging voter Sharn "couldn't be trusted" even though we now know that Sharn flipped right back to give Phoebe the boot in the second vote.

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A visibly shocked Phoebe was at a loss for words after her torch was snuffed and after getting blindsided by someone she considered her closest ally.

"I knew I'd be getting votes tonight but I didn't expect the votes to come from Dave," she said in her final confessional.

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"I don't have anything to say, I think right now the less I say, the better," the legal mastermind concluded.

Just as she did in the first season, Phoebe showed that she was a strategic, social and unexpectedly physical player who contributed enormously to some of Mokuta's victories.

Her only downfall was placing any kind of trust in the Golden God and handing him the keys to his second idol.

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