‘She Blindsided Me’: The Ghosts Of Survivor Past Are Back To Haunt Flick And Brooke

When Felicity Eggington blindsided her pal Brooke Jowett right at the pointy end of Australian Survivor's first season, it went down in history as one of the most shocking moves in the game.

So when it was announced that the pair would be returning for All Stars and then they both landed on the same tribe, we were getting ready for some kind of Season 1 reckoning, or at least a faint whiff of revenge.

But unlike the strong remnants of blindside tension between Lydia and Shane or Dave and Daisy -- Brooke and Flick have not just been on friendly terms, they're back to being besties and members of the same alliance.

For weeks we've waited for them to address their past history but instead, they've worked together with Locky, Dave, Phoebe and AK and remained a solid unit following the unexpected tribe swap.

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In the game of Survivor though, it doesn't take long for paranoia and trust issues to rise to the surface and the quiet race to 'get someone before they get you' begins.

Vakama has struggled to win immunity challenges following the swap, which hasn't been helped by their hasty elimination of athletes Abbey, Lydia and John.

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It means the tight alliance could be forced to turn on one another ahead of merge, through a methodical process up the pecking order or in a flurry of panicked blindsides.

As the majority of the tribe prepared to put their votes on Mat Rogers, the Vakamans in control of the group began to question one of their member's loyalty.

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"I think that Flick really wants to work with Mat," Shonee told a concerned Locky.

"Ya think?" replied Locky. "She's been trying to save Mat since day dot," adding that Flick has been blinded by the footy player's promises to look after her following merge.

Brooke jumped in to point out that Flick could use her inside knowledge of the way the votes would be split to team up with Mat and get rid of Harry, flipping the entire power structure.

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"She's not going to do that, is she?" Shonee asked. "You guys know her better than me."

And for the first time this season, we finally got to hear Brooke acknowledge the Season 1 stoush and get a sense of whether she is looking for payback.

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"She blindsided me after 45 days of saving her arse," Brooke smiled as Shonee giggled and Locky asked whether Flick might be "playing the same game".

"Yep," responded Brooke.

As our wise Shonee pointed out during a confessional, vulnerability and paranoia can make contestants make some hasty moves.

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"And I can tell Flick is already starting to get paranoid about Brooke and I," she said of their blossoming friendship.

Flick ended up voting with her alliance to get rid of Mat, but it's clear that she's got a few moves on her mind if Vakama end up at tribal council again.

Australian Survivor: All Stars' airs Monday-Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.