‘Too Bad, You Lost’: JLP Disqualifies Locky After Underwater Stoush

The challenges we've seen so far on Australian Survivor: All Stars often resemble a brutal MMA match or even an ancient Roman gladiatorial battle.

But while Mokuta and Vakama have gotten used to playing rough against each other while wrestling or rope pulling, for the most recent reward challenge, JLP specifically announced that no contact would be allowed.

The tribes were told they had five minutes to pull themselves along an underwater rope against the current before swimming out to retrieve a flag perched atop a yellow buoy.

Worth playing for? Image: Network 10.

After setting the rules in place, Jonathan revealed that the first tribe to get three points would be taking a trip to the Survivor cake shop for all the sweet, creamy treats they could stuff into their mouths -- which might have been what caused some players to get a bit too competitive.

Flick and Sharn raced first but neither of them could win against the strength of the river's current. Nick scored the first point for Mokuta against AK but then Mat Roger's powerful freestyle evened the score after he easily outswam Dave.

Nick easily brings home a point for Mokuta. Image: Network 10.

Big boys Locky and Lee were next in the water, looking like two incredibly dangerous, yet patient crocodiles as they waited for JLP's go.

The strong swimmers made it to the end of their ropes at the same time -- and that's when it started looking like the men's 400 freestyle race at the Olympic Games.

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After Mokuta smashed their way through a brutal swimming race, they got to smash through a whole shop full of cakes as their reward.

As the pair closed in on the flag -- and each other -- Mokuta erupted in horror, claiming that Locky had made contact and was physically holding Lee back from swimming forward.

Image: Network 10.

It's not often we hear Jonathan yelling, 'Hey, hey, stop it!' in the middle of a challenge, with races usually only paused if a contestant has injured themselves.

"Locky, Locky...Locky!" JLP said, resembling a high-school football referee. "This is a non-contact challenge, you know that.

"You're disqualified from this round, the point goes to Mokuta," he said, adding that while he thought the first contact could have been an accident, he stepped in after he witnessed it a second time.

Image: Network 10.

Vakama was clearly annoyed (and hungry) and Locky wasn't ready to concede the point, saying to Lee, "I did it once and then you did it and then nothing was said".

But this is Jonathan's arena and he wasn't about to get drawn into a petty sideline scrap.

"Too bad, you lost -- go back to your tribe," said JLP as he patted Locky on the shoulder and Mokuta (mostly Nick) cackled.

Image: Network 10.

Phoebe took home the last point for Mokuta, narrowly beating out her mate Brooke, and Vakama missed out on the opportunity to smash their faces into a selection of sheet cakes, donuts, and cream pies.

After Jonathan told Vakama to head back home empty-handed, he and Locky shared a playful little joke after the earlier incident.

"Don't even think about it!" JLP smirked as Locky walked past.

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