'It's Time For Me To Step Back': An Exhausted Angie Kent Reflects On A Monster Year

Following her elimination from Dancing With The Stars on Sunday, Angie Kent is bloody tired.

"I just feel like I haven't stopped," she told 10 daily via the phone the morning after the Dancing judges decided to make her the second celeb to leave the dance floor.

It was an emotional night for the 30-year-old former Bachelorette, dancing the waltz in honour of her Nanny Fae who passed away in 2018. She and professional dancer partner Julian Caillon danced to Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable", one of the songs that played at both her grandmother and grandfather's funerals that year.



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The emotional overwhelmed Angie earlier in the week, walking out of rehearsals to collect herself and admitting she was struggling. Following the performance, the judges had some strong critiques.

Though Tristan MacManus praised the storytelling of the performance, both Craig Revel Horwood and Sharna Burgess "smashed" Angie -- as she put it. She received the lowest score of the week, putting her in the bottom two alongside Travis Cloke.

"After I got the result I 100 percent knew I was in the bottom two. I had a feeling I was going to be up against Travis so I straight away knew I was going home," Angie told 10 daily.

"Everybody wants to see a footy player dance and get better, nobody wants to see me dance," she continued, "he's bloody Melbourne royalty, and he's so beautiful. If I was going home against anyone I'm glad it was him."



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The harsh critiques she received from the judges made a tough week even tougher with Angie admitting after her dance that it had been a difficult week for her mental health.

"For [the judges] to be so ruthless about a dance that's supposed to be about expressing yourself," Angie said, "I looked back and I was like I tried, hey, and if it wasn't good enough, it wasn't good enough.

"I think doing this song, listening to that again and dedicating it to [Nanny Fae], that alone set me back to a time when I left Sydney."

In late-2018 Angie, alongside BFF and former Gogglebox costar Yvie Jones, made the shock announcement that the pair would be leaving the couch commentary series.

In an Instagram live video, the pair revealed Angie no longer lived in Sydney and the travel was becoming too difficult. At that point, she had returned to the Gold Coast to be with her mum following her grandmother's death.



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"I was in a really bad headspace when I left Sydney then," Angie told 10 daily. "I didn't have a home, I didn't have work, my best friend had died."

Dancing for her 'most memorable year', Angie said it resurfaced a lot of the mental health struggles she faced.

"My mental health has been really bad, my physical health has been dreadful because I just haven't stopped.

"Even though I would have loved to stay, I think it was a sign from the universe saying 'you just need a break'."

No stranger to reality TV, Angie said Dancing was the most difficult. For BacheloretteI'm A Celebrity and Gogglebox the requirement was just to be herself. For Dancing, Angie needed to learn a new skill, impress the judges, impress the audience and still charm the pants off the nation.



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"I've put myself in some very intense situations in the past with I'm A Celebrity and Bachelorette but this is so different," she said. "You're being judged right in front of your face. You're in front of a live audience, all of Australia's watching at home.

"You've got to be quite strong and ready to take that full-on feedback. They just take a huge dump on you and you're just like... okay."

Angie went into the jungle in January 2019, then came out and was soon announced to be the next Bachelorette. When her season wrapped she and her new beau Carlin Sterritt barely had time to reflect before she was out on a book tour for her memoir If You Don't Laugh You'll Cry.



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"I didn't realise how full-on [Dancing] was going to be," she admitted, "and coming off the year I had. I don't think I was mentally ready.

"When I do something like this, I give everything that's presented to me my all, and for me to go in half-energy Angie, half-mental Angie -- that's the hard part. To even make it this far I should be happy but I'm a bit sad and tired.

"I don't think I had time to really just namaste after Bachelorette, it was straight into book and straight into this. Now it's time for me to step back and focus on my relationship," Angie told 10 daily.

Admitting that Dancing put added pressure on her and Carlin's relationship, Angie said it was difficult with rehearsals and the early starts that the pair struggled to find time together.



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"It was really tough... We had no quality time. After leaving Bachelorette the biggest thing you need is quality time so now I can give him that, and he deserves that," she said.

Though she was disappointed that her time in the competition had come to an end, Angie was more disappointed she felt like she had let down dance partner Julian.

"He's so lovely. The biggest thing in terms of what's upsetting me is the fact that it's Julian's first year and I just wish -- I don't know if I could have given more, I was doing the best I can -- I just wish we could have had more time.

"He's such a good teacher and such a great choreographer," Angie said, "I feel sad for him, I hate letting people down."

Another disappointment for Angie was that she felt like she let down her chosen charity SANE Australia.

"Mental health is so huge, I've struggled with it off and on my whole life and most of my loved ones have too. I wanted to dance for them and put some awareness out for [SANE].

"I hope more people have become more aware. I would have loved to be able to give them more but that's life and everything happens for a reason."

Dancing With The Stars airs Sundays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.