The Survivor Cake Carnage Was 'Far Worse' Than Benji's Nacho Feast

After Mokuta smashed their way through a brutal swimming race, they got to smash through a whole shop full of cakes as their reward.

The tribe arrived to claim their sweet treats only to find out there was a catch -- contestants could only enter the store one at a time.

This is when we just knew things were going to get messy because Australian Survivor history has taught us that there's always an idol or an idol clue hidden when the players have to dine alone.

Fans began to wonder what sort of carnage we'd be about to endure, fondly remembering Benji's nacho attack and David's spectacular popcorn gobble.

Mokuta drew straws to work out the running order because the All Stars knew that everyone would be itching to find any sort of advantage in the competition.

Tarzan and Mo went first, choosing to enjoy eating the sickly sweet cakes, donuts, eclairs and macarons and didn't put too much effort into idol hunting.

But that was where the polite dinner table manners ended, with Phoebe slicing into every cake, successfully nabbing the clue that she needed to stay afloat in the game, then quickly covering her tracks.

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David entered the arena next, happy to be the fourth in line and the first to cause some real carnage in the cake shop, scoffing donuts, chugging milk and leaving no donut unturned in his idol hunt.

Image: Network 10.

He also missed out on the wooden box that Phoebe had covered in sand and propped to the side, obscuring the vital idol clue.

Lee, Sharn, Zach  and Jacqui all took turns to pig out and chomp down mouthfuls of cake but after drawing the shortest straw, Nick had the exciting realisation that he could go in and cause all the damage he wanted.

Image: Network 10.

We began the episode craving cake then feeling violently ill before our thoughts turned to the poor soul(s) who had to clean up all those cake crumbs.

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