How David Genat Is Evolving The Golden God Into A Star Wars Villain

It's important to have role models when you've got plans for world (island) domination and Australian Survivor: All Star David Genat makes no secret of his favourite dictators.

Dave christened himself the Golden God during his appearance on Champions vs. Contenders last year, explaining to 10 daily that he was channelling the white-hot ego and rage of noted Always Sunny sociopath, Dennis Reynolds.

"I just love the idea of these over the top, complex people with rage problems, I’ve always found those characters so funny," he said told us earlier this year.

But All Stars has called for Dave to add another layer of evil genius to his Survivor gameplan to outfox the best of the best from the show's last four seasons and he has begun to emulate a character shrouded in secrecy who wielded unimaginable power.

Image: Network 10.

Dave found himself with less power than he's accustomed to after tribe swap and was feeling pretty vulnerable, close to the bottom of the Moana-led Mokuta.

Days of hunting paid off and Dave pocketed an idol that was hidden high in the treetops and, after slipping it around his neck, an electrical surge of power began pumping through his veins.

It's been a while since the new Mokuta has been sent to tribal council with Shonee picking off her Vakaman enemies one by one, but that hasn't stopped Dave scheming about how he'll be using his idol and which poor chump he'll enlist as a foot soldier.

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In an exclusive preview of Monday's episode, Mat Rogers pleads with his tribe to work with him.

"Look man, when it comes to Zach, I plan to be the Emperor and I’m going to make that dude my Sith Lord," he explained. 

"I’m going to be having the hood on like, “Yes, Zach, welcome to the dark side. Do my bidding!” he cackled, in his very best Palpatine voice. 

Dave loves to exact a little revenge and he revealed that his supposed ally Phoebe is top of his list after she voted with Nick at the last tribal.

"Priority number one for me right now is to burn Phoebe," he said, evil scarf still hanging over one eye. "As soon as I get that shot, I’m going to blindside her. "

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As our All Stars battle it out on the beach, behind the scenes a different battle is taking place.

It makes sense that Dave would choose Palpatine as his next Survivor persona because the character represents what happens when democracies turn into dictatorships -- very apt for the game of All Stars where alliances often begin as harmonious, equal leadership coalitions.

A scarf is the perfect accessory for scheming. Image: Network 10.

In 1981, Star Wars creator George Lucas set the record straight on Palpatine's history, confirming that the Emperor was never a Jedi and was, in fact, based on a certain US leader.

“No, he was a politician," Lucas said during a press conference.

"Richard M. Nixon was his name. He subverted the senate and finally took over and became an imperial guy and he was really evil. But he pretended to be a really nice guy.”

The Golden Palpatine at work. Image: Network 10.

Hopefully, Dave manages to avoid a first-time tragedy, second-time farce situation and isn't sent home with another hidden immunity idol in his pocket.

Australian Survivor: All Stars' airs Monday-Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network. 

Main images: Network 10/Lucasfilm.