Dancing With The Stars 2020: Angie Kent The Second Celebrity Eliminated

The former bachelorette’s time on the dance floor has come to a shocking end.

Dancing an emotional waltz as a tribute to her late-grandmother, Angie and professional dance partner Julian Caillon weren’t able to waltz their way into another week in the competition.

Angie’s time on Dancing with the Stars started off rough, with the former Gogglebox and Bachelorette star admitting that her cardio wasn’t really up-to-scratch for the intense dance rehearsals.



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Still, performing a foxtrot in week one, Angie and Julian managed some pretty positive feedback from the judges -- but they urged her to step-up her commitment to the physical aspects of the experience.

Week two saw Angie step into the role of an evil queen as she tackled the foxtrot, getting up-close and personal with Julian. All three judges praised the performance, and Angie nabbed a score worthy of her dark and moody crown.



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Still, week three saw the pair, unfortunately, stumble, as the judges weren’t feeling the emotion of their waltz.

Before the performance Angie explained that it was in honour of her Nanny Fae and Poppy Ted, showing Julian a scrapbook full of incredible, historic pics of her nan in her own dancing best.

After their waltz, the judges had some strong feedback for Angie with Sharna even taking the time to correct her form then and there.

Angie’s time on Dancing with the Stars was in support of SANE Australia, which offers support to Australians who are affected by mental illnesses, as well as working to reduce the stigmas associated with mental illnesses.

Dancing With The Stars airs Sundays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.