Dancing With The Stars 2020: Dami Im's Finding Her Strength On The Dance Floor

Dancing a tribute to her most memorable year this Sunday, Dami Im is quite literally getting into the groove of things.

With her first two performances complete, Dami kicked things off with a Viennese waltz and followed it up with a cha-cha on week two.

"Two performances down, I feel like we're getting more into the groove of things," Dami told 10 daily, adding, "I'm excited for the next one."

And while it's still early days, Dami has been making great strides to feel more confident on the dance floor -- something that will be a big focus in her third dance this week.

With the theme being dances that reflect the stars' most memorable year, Dami is focusing on 2013, the year she won X-Factor.

"It allowed me to become the singer/songwriter I am today," she said, "and it allowed me to do wonderful things like Eurovision and touring."



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Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - Final
Dami at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden performing "Sound Of Silence". Photo by Michael Campanella/Getty Images.

Working with her professional dance partner, Shae Mountain, Dami created a story for their third dance -- which will be contemporary.

"We developed a story, a dance about fighting and working with my inner-confidence," she said, laughing "that sounds so corny... my inner self! Finding that strength within which sometimes pulls me to a better place, but sometimes it lets me down."

Dami says dancing isn't something that comes naturally to her, "But I'm as confident as I can be with the amount of ability I have," she added.

No stranger to performing in front of crowds, the change from singing to dancing isn't holding Dami back, with the X-Factor star saying she still battles stage fright.



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"I get nervous every time I do a performance, no matter how big or small the stage is. Sometimes it can be unhelpful if it's frightening or negative energy, but I have to use that energy to make myself better."

While the first two dances have been a lot of fun, pushing Dami out of her comfort zone, she said her third dance had been easier to approach because of the personal connection.

"It helps that it's my story," she explained, "I get to channel my experiences. It definitely does come easier and it helps me to get in the zone in the rehearsals."

It also doesn't hurt to have Shae on her side who she said has been "really patient... and quite strict".



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"He's a perfectionist and I'm not a perfect dancer," she said, laughing.

While she's learning to Dance, the 31-year-old also said she's been learning a lot about herself, too.

"I'm really emotional and moody if things don't work out for me," she said. "I'm also learning that if I practice -- if I try and enjoy it I learn a lot better! Rather than just trying to do well, instead, if I focus on having a good time, everything works out better."

The only thing Dami's hoping to avoid is one of the more fast-paced styles of dance.

"I just have really long, lanky limbs, so fast is always harder!"

Dancing With The Stars airs Sundays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.