Nick's Emotional Survivor Auction Bid Had The All Stars In Tears

Though the auction is always a tense time of bidding for important items like pizza and burritos, Nick scored one of the best prizes of the day.

While the gang were battling it out for a good feed, Nick's heart was really set on one thing -- a video message from home.

The fourth item to come up at the auction, Nick was visibly emotional before he had even won, with most of the castaways giving him a wide berth.

Urging everyone else to feel free to bid against him (which Flick momentarily took advantage of) it was clear the others wanted Nick to be able to see his wife and daughter he had left back home.

Nick previously revealed to 10 daily that he almost turned down the opportunity to compete on All Stars because he and his wife Christine had just welcomed their first daughter, Paloma.

Nick's Emotional Auction Bid Had The All Stars In Tears
The promise of a message from home had Nick in tears. Photo: Network 10.



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Nick also spoke to Now To Love about how Paloma's health was another reason he reconsidered risking it for the title of Sole Survivor.

"Paloma has had some issues with her legs, she's been in double casts most of her life and I didn't feel right leaving," he said.

"She's only eight months old," Nick told Vakama and Mokuta after the gang watched his message from home.

Nick's Emotional Auction Bid Had The All Stars In Tears
Phoebe and AK may have scored a buffet, but Nick won out in food for the soul. Photo: Network 10.

"My wife, Christine, is just so supportive," he continued. "She just let me drop everything to come out here and it's so different the first time you play when you don't have a kid."

The emotional moment of Nick being able to see Christine and Paloma had most of his fellow castaways tearing up.

His family has always been a driving factor in Nick's Survivor journey. Just yesterday, he marked 10 years since his mum passed away after a battle with breast cancer.

Speaking to 10 play ahead of the very first season when Nick first competed on Australian Survivor, he said he was doing it for his mum, who he used to watch the show with as a weekly ritual.

"I would sit at my mum's feet in the lounge room and she would tell me how good I would be at the challenges, even though we both knew I was a skinny little runt," he said at the time. "I am doing it for me, but I am also doing it for her."

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