'I Want To Fall In Love With Myself': Charlotte Crosby Reveals She And Ryan Gallagher Are Just Friends

It was the jungle romance that captivated us all for weeks but sadly the former Geordie Shore star has revealed it's all come to an end.

Completely detached from the rumours their relationship was all a 'showmance', Ryan and Charlotte officially met when they first entered the jungle during Season 6 of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

After a few minutes of flirting, the former 'Married At First Sight' star revealed he and Charlotte had been messaging via Instagram before the show, both unaware they'd be heading into the camp together.

I’m A Celebrity 2020: Ryan Gallagher Hits Back At Charlotte Crosby ‘Showmance’ Rumours
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Revealing the news that the pair have amicably decided to remain as friends, Charlotte told 10 daily, "When me and Ryan came out of the jungle I made no secret that I had been in a very long relationship and I wasn't ready to jump into another one.

"I got really upset about it and I was a little bit worried because I did feel like me and Ryan were going in a bit more of a serious direction than what I wanted," Charlotte said, "so I did have a bit of a wobbler in the jungle but I always made Ryan very aware of how I felt."

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Admitting that at that point she and Ryan should have cooled things off, Charlotte said it was tough to try and keep her distance from someone sleeping in a bunk just centimetres away from her own.

"When you're in that kind of close environment with someone in that much close contact, it’s really hard to stay away from each other," she said. "So we just carried on like we were."

Following their evictions from the jungle, Charlotte and Ryan spent some time in South Africa together and had a few more serious conversations where she continued to reiterate that she wasn't looking to dive into a serious relationship.

"I still wasn't looking for something serious, he's at a stage in his life where he is -- so we came to a mutual decision that we'd just cool it off," the 29-year-old said.

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I’m A Celebrity 2020: Ryan Gallagher Hits Back At Charlotte Crosby ‘Showmance’ Rumours

Fresh out of the jungle, one half of Rylotte finally had the ability to respond to the rumours that his romance with Charlotte Crosby was all a sham.

"We are still friends. I love that boy to bits, he’s amazing," she continued. "Like, my time in there would not have been the same without him. We had an amazing connection and we’re all going to be meeting up, having a big reunion in Melbourne, so it’s all going to be fine.

"We’re going to carry on forward as friends."

Charlotte said coming out of the jungle was a shock to both, having been in such a small bubble in a surreal environment, returning to real life was an adjustment.

"It was a shock to us both," she said, "it was so different and obviously I went back to England and he went back to Australia. The bubble popped."

But Charlotte is adamant that it isn't simply about Ryan, she's decided that -- as she turns 30 -- she plans to be single for the whole year.

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"It's my 30th birthday and I intend this year to be the craziest year of my life," she said.

"I want to fall in love with myself, and I want to learn more about myself. I want to learn to be on me own."

Before going into the jungle Charlotte was in a two-year relationship with 'Love Island UK's Joshua Ritchie. She started seeing Josh just two weeks after breaking up with her previous ex.

"I've been in like a three-four year relationship with two different boys! I jump and I jump and I jump," Charlotte said. "I just need to have that time on my own where I'm not worried about anyone else. I want to be really selfish for one year!"

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