Introducing The New Mokuta And Vakama: The Allies And Enemies Thrown Together After Tribe Swap

Just when the All Stars were starting to get comfy, Jonathan La Paglia dropped a few well-timed bombshells on them.

After dramatically announcing that both Shonee and Zach had been voted off Mokuta the night before, JLP then clarified that they'd been sent to Exile Beach and were still in the game.

"Their games are about to change, but then again, so are yours," he told the All Stars, adding that it was indeed time for the dropping of the buffs to commence.

JLP approached the now denuded tribes with a sack containing fresh yellow and green buffs as everyone bowed their heads in terrified prayer or covered their eyes in horror at the thought of leaving the safety net of their alliances.

Image: Network 10.

"I feel sick," Brooke said as she waited her turn for the more twisted version of pass the parcel to reach her.

As JLP gave the group permission to open up their presents, there was a mixture of confusion, surprise, excitement and utter despair as alliances either galvanized or dissolved in front of their eyes.

We'd like to introduce to you the new Mokuta and Vakama and all the delicious grudge matches that are just waiting to happen back at camp. 

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Vakama 2.0 

Members: John, Mat, Locky, Shonee, Flick, Brooke, Abbey, AK, Lydia, Harry.

The new Vakama might comprise an even split of the old tribes but the vintage Mokuta members definitely weren't arriving on their new beach as a united group. Here's everything you need to know about the battle lines on the new Vakama.

The Athletes: (Lydia, Abbey, and John): They may have lost Lee and Zach in the swap but three is still a strong enough number to feel a certain level of comfort -- apart from the fact that the person they sent to exile (Shonee) is returning with a bit of a bone to pick with them.

Image: Network 10.

Two-Thirds Of The Little Rascals (Harry and Shonee): While Rascals Harry and Nick weren't exactly that helpful when Shonee was in trouble pre-swap, hopefully, this pseudo-alliance can create some mischief on Vakama 2.0.

The Vakama High School Clique (AK, Brooke, Flick, and Locky): The cool kids have been ruling the roost for the first two weeks in the game and they've retained a strong majority at their original beach with AK, Brooke, Flick and Locky still a tight bunch.

The Solo Godfather (Mat): The worst-case scenario for the Godfather, he's been completely isolated from his alliance of Tarzan, Jacqui and Moana. Oh, and he's on a tribe with Lydia, who probably hasn't forgotten that he helped orchestrate her Season 3 blindside. At least he's got that immunity idol up his sleeve! 

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Mokuta 2.0

Members: Zach, Moana, Tarzan, Jacqui, Lee, Phoebe, Dave, Nick, Sharn.

Mat's old alliance (Jacqui, Moana, and Tarzan): They might have been separated from the leader that saved their bacon back at Mokuta, but at least they have a solid three, not too shabby at this point in the game.

The Vakama Two (Dave and Phoebe): The duo were part of the majority Vakama alliance, but we're not sure if these skilled social players really trust each other.

Image: Network 10.

The Legacy Duo (Phoebe and Nick): They're Season 1 mates and friends in real life so it makes sense that this pair would start to work with each other, but it could jeopardise Phoebe's relationship with Dave.

The Floating Voters (Sharn, Lee, Zach): Sharn and Lee were both voting along with the athletes' alliance on Mokuta 1.0 but these clever runner-ups know that flexibility is key when it comes to finishing Survivor.

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Zach was similarly voting tribe strong but did mention he wanted to be a more social player. Although it seems as though whatever Zach has in store won't matter because he's about to become Emperor Dave's obedient Sith Lord.

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