Dancing With The Stars 2020: All The Scores, Salsas And Sensational Shimmies From Week 2

The stakes were high this week as our dancing celebs faced their first elimination round.

The dancers also got their first proper introduction to Craig Revel Horwood -- who was finishing up a tour in the UK last week -- a judge who has been known to be, shall we say, quite direct with his criticism.

While the celebs were probably wishing that the effervescent dance legend Mandy Moore was sitting on the other side of the desk again -- they brought their A-game to the dancefloor.



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Claudia Karvan and Aric Yegudkin

The dance: The salsa

The lowdown: The dance took on a special meaning for Claudia, who used to go to salsa lessons with her good friend who passed away two years ago. Claudia and her dancer partner wowed the audience with some impressive flips, and hip-shaking salsa moves, impressing Sharna right off the bat.

"I don't think I've ever seen a salsa and also felt emotional in it too," she said adding that it was "beautiful".

The scores: Craig: 5, Sharna: 7, Tristan: 7 with a total of 19.



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Christian Wilkins And Lily Cornish

The dance: Cha-cha-cha

The lowdown: Christian and dance partner couldn't have looked more joyous dancing to Kylie Minogue's "Spinning Around" in a very suitable wardrobe of leopard print and shimmering gold.

Tristan said he thought it was great and the pair had a lot of fun but said they perhaps had too much fun, commenting that it needed a little more power.

Craig threw out a few words like "sloppy" and then said it was like "watching a bad drag act" which caused the audience to boo (with one guy sticking out his tongue).

Luckily Sharna hit back and applauded the feminine energy in the dance, congratulating the pair on a great job.

The scores: Craig: 3, Sharna: 6, Tristan: 6 with a total of 15.

Ed Kavalee and Jorja Freeman

Image: Network 10.

The dance:  The Viennese waltz.

The lowdown: There was plenty of drama in this waltz set to INXS' "Never Tear Us Apart" with those powerful saxophone notes from the classic tune setting the scene for the comedian and actor's second dance.

Craig said the waltz was more like a  “hoedown” before then describing their dramatic dance as though Ed and Jorga had “been through a terrible divorce and you were headed to court”, adding that it could have been more "loving".

Sharna disagreed, saying that the song dictated the mood but added that they needed to “find the truth in the movement”.

Tristan commented that everything looked "half done" and that Ed needs to dance to his full width and his full height without compromising his execution. The positive? A big frame but a big potential!

The scores: Craig: 2, Sharna: 4, Tristan: 4 with a total of 10.



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Dean Wells and Alexandra Vladimirov

Image: Network 10.

The dance: The tango

The lowdown: There was a lot of masculine energy in this dance with plenty of leather, chains and dark, dungeon-like lighting.

It seemed as though Craig was ready to demolish the dance after saying it was "heavy" and "stompy" and that something was amiss. But he praised Dean for his aggression, adding that he was really surprised by the storytelling.

Sharna noted that it was a "huge improvement" after his breakdancing routine last week, complimenting Dean's frame and technique but said that it slipped about halfway through.

Tristan said the aggression might have been a little bit much in places, but conceded they probably would have roasted him if he'd toned it down too much.

The scores: Craig: 3, Sharna: 4, Tristan: 5 with a total of 12.



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Dami Im and Shae Mountain

image: Network 10.

The dance: The cha-cha-cha

The lowdown: Dami told her dance partner Shae that she's not great at being ~sexy~ on stage and doesn't usually play the femme fatale in any of her music video clips because she feels like "the ugly duckling".

She could have fooled us, though!

Tristan said the steps were a little stilted and needed cohesion but that Dami looked more confident as the dance went on. "Sexy goes wherever you want sexy to go!" he said, helpfully.

Craig said the performance was more of a "dancing by numbers" routine and it was "flat-footed and awkward". He said Dami has the opportunity to sell herself a little more and that she'll be a dancer within 3 weeks -- if she's still in the competition.

Sharna, looking like a glorious Little Mermaid told Dami that she was "living her best life" but needed to connect with the audience a little more.

The scores: Craig: 2, Sharna: 4, Tristan: 4 for a total of 10.

Beau Ryan and Megan Wragg

Image: Network 10.

The dance: The foxtrot

The lowdown: Craig was extremely complimentary on the contemporary dance elements of the routine -- but noted that he couldn't score on that basis because this is the FOXTROT.

Sharna said it was perfectly blended and was loving the connection between the two dancers, saying there was something captivating about the way Beau moves. He might not have perfected that elusive 'glide' but Sharna helpfully said: "If you want to glide, you've got to cover more ground."

Tristan was impressed by Beau's improvement, giving him a very robust 6 for his efforts in rehearsal.

The scores: Craig: 5, Sharna: 5, Tristan: 6 for a total of 16.

Chloe Lattanzi and Gustavo Viglio

Image: Network 10.

The dance: The Charleston

The lowdown: The Charleston is an opportunity to have fun “and be a kid again” which is exactly the vibe that Chloe and Gustavo brought to the dancefloor. The pair created a fantastically fun romp to Basement Jaxx’s “Do Your Thing”, with an infectious burst of pizzaz. 

Sharna loved the energy of the dance and complimented Gustavo on creating a routine that Chloe was comfortable with and Tristan was also a huge fan of the best dance of the night, so far. 

The best news of all -- Craig scored the dance his first “FAB-U-LOUS” of the season which is absolutely no small feat. 

The scores: Craig: 8, Sharna: 8, Tristan: 7 for a total of 23.

Angie Kent and Julian Caillon

Image: Network 10.

The dance: The foxtrot

The lowdown: Angie noted during rehearsal that she felt a little uncomfortable with the intimacy and the eye contact of dancing with someone that isn't her partner.

Luckily her bf Carlin Sterrit dropped by to steal a dance and give her a pep talk in the studio. Carlin was also cheering her on in the crowd as she made her debut as a dazzling ice queen.

Image: Network 10.

It was a stunning burst of energy compared to Angie's first dance of the season, which saw her worried she needed to get her cardio up, but this week couldn't have been more different with praise from all three judges.

The scores: Craig: 6, Sharna: 7, Tristan: 6 for a total of 19 (and a 10 from Carlin). 

Travis Cloke and Violeta Mugica

Image: Network 10.

The dance: The cha-cha-cha

The lowdown: Craig didn't mince words, saying that it was all very "awkward" but commended the footy player for getting involved in the dancing arena.

Sharna said that Travis was out of time, giving it her a difficult time in being able to score him the way she wanted after loving his debut last week and Tristan had two major issues, citing a slow start and off-timing, saying it made for a tough watch. The good news? Top marks for commitment!

The scores: Craig: 2, Sharna: 3, Tristan: 3 for a total of 8. 

Celia Pacquola and Jarryd Byrne

Image: Network 10.

The dance: The foxtrot

The lowdown: Using a pool table as a prop for a very '40s inspired whirl around the dancefloor, we were glad that Celia and Jarryd were the last couple to punch their dance cards because it was the perfect way to finish the evening.

Sharna agreed, saying "they saved the best till last" and told veteran dancer Jarryd that this could be the year he takes out the mirrorball trophy.

Tristan said the dance was sexy and spot-on and we couldn't agree more while Craig said, "you, my dear are the one to watch" and that just might be stronger than a "Fab-u-lous".

The scores: Craig: 8, Sharna: 9, Tristan: 8 for a total of 25.

Dancing With The Stars airs Sundays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.