Ambulance Australia’s Pregnant Paramedic Patia Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Patia Delaney, the Queensland Ambulance paramedic who was front and centre in a nail-biting medical emergency that saw her attend a multi-person stabbing, has given birth to a healthy baby boy.

Darcy Herbert Hunter was born on Thursday, February 13 just hours before his mum's debut on Ambulance Australia, in an emotional and intense season three episode.

Patia, her husband Andrew and their baby boy Darcy. Image: Supplied

The episode showed heavily pregnant Patia and fellow paramedic Mat, who were on a graveyard shift when they were called to a major incident where five people had been injured with stab wounds.

The emergency saw the two paramedics attend the scene in Brisbane alongside a number of other ambulance and police crews.

When the pair arrived, four patients were accounted for but Patia decided to go and confirm that there was no one else needing more urgent attention.

Patia and Mat tended to a patient who had been hit over the head with a hammer. Image: Network 10.

Despite being four months pregnant and with the perpetrators still on the loose, Patia, a patient care officer and senior paramedic, said she felt like it was her responsibility to ensure that there were no other patients needing tending to.

Later, after taking their patient to the emergency room, Patia and Mat were seen debriefing in an emotional interaction. Mat admitted he was concerned about Patia putting herself in a potentially dangerous situation, especially when she was pregnant.

An emotional Patia, later admitted she felt "ashamed" that she had forgotten she was pregnant and that she hadn't been prioritising the safety of her baby.

Patia and Mat debriefed after the incident. Image: Network 10.

"This job has definitely changed my view on me entering a job without thinking about the baby," she said.

"The next job that I go to that is particularly unsafe, I'll think about what I should actually be doing as a pregnant paramedic, rather than as just a paramedic."

Speaking to The Project about the incident, Patia said her pregnancy hormones had likely made her react more emotionally to the scene she was confronted with than she normally would have.

"But in saying that I think it's a normal reaction to being exposed to that sort of experience," she said.

Patia's husband, Andy Hunter who is a police officer, said he wasn't overly concerned because he knows the scene would have been surrounded by police and other emergency services.

"Quite often at those sorts of scenes there's a lot of emergency services present," he told The Project.

"I knew she would be well looked after and I had a lot of faith in the people she was working with."

Ambulance Australia Season Three airs on Thursday nights from 7.30pm on Network 10.