'I'm Musically Challenged': Travis Cloke On Why Dancing Is Harder Than Playing Footy

He may be at home on the footy field, but AFL legend Travis Cloke admits that competing in 'Dancing with The Stars' is much harder than it looks.

"I've never really been the one that gets up and dances in a nightclub or party -- I'm usually the one wanting to find a nice comfy chair with a drink and having a bit of a chat," the 32-year-old told 10 daily.

"But that's I guess the reason why I came on 'Dancing With The Stars' -- to put myself out there and try something new," Cloke said, adding, "Because not many people know me as 'Travis Cloke: the person', everyone kind of knows me as being a football player that once upon a time kicked goals for Collingwood and Western Bulldogs".



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"Hopefully this changes that perspective on what I actually can do and can't do," he added.

Coming from a sporting background, it's easy to think the more athletic competitors such as Travis are at an advantage, but the footy player says while certain aspects such as having discipline when it comes to training may be beneficial, he's adamant being a former AFL player certainly didn't help him with his dancing.



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"It's very challenging, as I expected, but it's a lot harder physically than when I ever thought was gonna be.  Who would have thought that dancing was a harder sport than football?" he asked.

"The hardest part is dancing to the tempo. I'm pretty musically challenged -- I can't sing, I'm tone-deaf -- so to work with the beat of a song and to keep that rolling for the whole song is very hard for me, but in saying that, I've got a very good partner who is dedicated and is driving me extremely hard".

While going from tackling to tangos was undoubtedly a difficult task, Cloke added that there are some similarities between the two when it comes to how to approach practicing.

"You've just got to get it done no matter how many steps or how confusing it is. You've gotta complete, you've gotta perform, and you've got to get it all together," he said. "That kind of helps me in dancing -- my mentality was always 'more is better'."

"Don't take half-hour lunch, push through, practice, keep repeating and repeating and eventually you'll get there."

Dancing With The Stars Starts On Sunday, February 9. Only On 10 And WIN Network. 

Image: Network 10