Juicy Chicken Schnittys And Spicy Breakfast Tacos: You’re Going To Want To Cook Every Recipe On Hayden Quinn’s New Series

It's impossible to watch Hayden Quinn at work in the kitchen without getting a jolt of inspiration.

Mostly because, during his new series 'Taste of Australia with Hayden Quinn', he doesn't spend much time in a traditional kitchen -- he's making the most of rustic setups on the beach, in backyards, and on farms, while showing us all how easy whipping up a tasty meal can be.

Whether it's putting together some breakfast tacos in front of the Manly surf or cooking up some schnitzels with a preserved lemon mayo at a free-range chicken farm in Peats Ridge, Hayden manages to strike the right balance between ingenuity and ease.

"I think, for me, the food that I like to cook is not really 'MasterChef' food!" the former contestant told 10 daily over the phone with a chuckle. 

"It's super relaxed, achievable, bright, vibrant, colourful, flavourful and it doesn't need to have a million ingredients, it can just be good quality food that you can cook any time of the week," he added. 

While no stranger to the small screen, 'Taste of Australia with Hayden Quinn' is the chef's first series that's been created and produced by him and his team (including his best mate from high school).

It means that the series feels like going on a delicious road trip with a friend around Australia, cooking, eating, learning and discovering hidden gems (like backyard beekeepers) along the way.

"There's so much out there and you can really access it quite easily if you want to, and whether it be in an urban environment like Manly, or in the wilds of Bruny Island in Tasmania, I think it's a subtle way for people to connect with produce again," Hayden told 10 daily.

"We go cray fishing, we go into a lamb farm, we go to a free-range chicken farm -- we meet all these people and try and tell this story instead of like, ramming it down your throat, it's more of a natural conversation."

It's a conversation that gets you thinking about where your food is coming from -- even if you can't oversee that process yourself.

"We go and see where your beef, lamb or chicken comes from or we get on the fishing boat and, not everyone's going to do that, but that's what my job is to do.

"It's to highlight the fact that someone has stood out in the cold for days and days and days, making sure that the lambs were getting fed or making sure that the best fish were being caught," Hayden said. 

"It's a sort of salute to our producers to say 'thank you' and then also to respect the food, respect the process."

Hayden added that while the prevalence of "convenience culture" and increased reliance on restaurant delivery apps has meant that some people might be losing their connection to the kitchen and their community -- he's showing that the alternative can be just as fast, with a laundry list of health, wellbeing, and social benefits attached.

"I'm not trying to be Heston Blumenthal, I'm just trying to get people in the kitchen and get people excited about living their lives the best they can, really."

'Taste of Australiawith Hayden Quinn' airs on Saturdays at 4 pm and is available to stream on 10 play.
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