Fighting Against Food Waste: 'MasterChef's Simon Toohey Launches YouTube Series 'The Whole Thing'

Launching his new series 'The Whole Thing', MasterChef finalist Simon Toohey is tackling food waste head-on.

Hitting YouTube on Thursday, the first episode of 'The Whole Thing' saw Simon embracing a vegetable we know he holds near and dear to his heart: the cauliflower.

According to OzHarvest, over 5 million tonnes of food ends up as landfill, which they say is enough to fill 9,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. They also report food waste costing the Australian economy roughly $20 billion each year.



This Is What Happens To All The Leftover Food On 'Masterchef'

The 'MasterChef' pantry is a cave of wonders, bursting with fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood. But have you ever wondered what happens to the perishable items that aren't picked as the hero of someone's dish?

Foodwise estimates that the average Aussie household throws away over $1,000 worth of food a year, and around $8 billion worth of edible food is discarded every year.

"If you add up all the food Australia wastes each year it's enough to fill 450,000 garbage trucks," the site states.

"My role now, with the privilege that I have through 'MasterChef', is to create dishes using the whole ingredient to showcase the beauty that is ingredients that, most of the time, people would throw off," Simon explains in the episode.

Breaking down a cauliflower to create one of his favourite dishes -- a whole-roasted cauliflower with bulgar wheat and green sauce.



Using The 'MasterChef' Experience To Change The World, One Meal At A Time

Simon Toohey's time in the 'MasterChef' kitchen can be pretty well summed up by his reaction when the judges revealed they hand-picked cauliflower as a key ingredient.

But this isn't your usual trimmed and plastic-wrapped cauliflower you might be grabbing from the shops. Digging through the back of a market, Simon retrieves a gorgeously bulbous head of cauliflower draped in the most enormous, lush leaves.

Though your instinct is to strip the leaves off and chuck them away to get to the white flesh of the veg, Simon shows exactly how every part of the veg can be utilised in your cooking, completely minimising the need to throw anything away.

Check out the first episode of 'The Whole Thing' below or on the Sustainable Earth Network YouTube channel.

Featured image via YouTube.