The 'Australian Survivor' All Stars Are Almost Unrecognisable In Throwback Photos With Their Mums

After beating Mokuta at the reward challenge, Vakama's prize of a succulent Italian meal also came with a healthy serving of tears.

The 'Australian Survivor' All Stars Are Almost Unrecognisable In Throwback Photos With Their Mums As well as a table groaning with spaghetti Bolognese, garlic bread and a generous amount of red wine, the tribe found that Mama's Kitchen was decorated with the kind of family photos that were going to bring on the waterworks.

And just to make everyone extra weepy, the 'Survivor' producers went to the extra effort of giving the snaps either a sepia or black and white treatment.

Of course, Vakama only had a quick look before diving headfirst into their pasta feast, but then turned back to the wall to figure out which All Star was in which frame.

Spot the All Star. Image: Network 10.

It gave the group a moment to stop and talk about their lives outside 'Survivor' and remember that their backstabbing, blindsiding campmates are people with families and vulnerabilities.

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The mum-themed storytime caused plenty of the gang to get all weepy and the photos gave us a little glimpse of what our 'Survivor' favourites looked like a few years and, even decades ago.

Aaron 'AK' Knight

A classic Quiksilver fashion moment for AK. Image: Network 10.

AK teared up straight away talking about how important his mum is in his life, and fondly remember the days when he'd rock that Quiksilver button-up -- a major chick magnet, apparently.

Jacqui Patterson

Image: Network 10.

Jacqui introduced her parents to Vakama, explaining that the photo was taken at her home on her dad's 80th before blowing them both a little kiss.

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Mark 'Tarzan' Herlaar


It took a while for everyone to wonder where Tarzan actually was in this photo because he's completely unrecognisable without his signature beard and long locks.

"You're sexy!" Phoebe shrieked, with someone else piping up that he "looked like Bradley Cooper".

Mat Rogers

There wasn't a dry eye after Mat shared stories about his mum, who had just had breast cancer after this photo was taken. Moana was particularly overcome with emotion, hearing about her good friend's close relationship with his mum.

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Locky Gilbert

Locky regaled the table with a story from the days that he was a cleanly-shaven, fresh-faced footy player in Germany when his mum and her partner flew all the way from Australia to watch him play.

Brooke Jowett

Image: Network 10.

This adorable photo of baby Brooke was apparently the only time that she wore a dress before she was 13.

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David Genat 

Image: Network 10.

It's easy to see where Dave got his sense of style from when you see his mum in the '70s rocking that stripey skivvy and elegant frames.

Flick Eggington

Image: Network 10.

Flick's flashback photo was one of her with her grandmother, who was sick in hospital when it was taken. Flick teared up telling the group that her grandma was one of the most important people in her life.

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Moana Hope

Image: Network 10.

Moana explained that the photo on the wall of her mum was taken one year after her dad passed away. "She sacrificed so much for us kids but she's also so unwell right now," Moana shared, later explaining that it was tough to leave her mother at home to play 'Survivor'.

The bonding session was a welcomed change for Vakama, who have been split into two very distinct alliances -- the high school cool kids (Locky, Dave, Brooke, Flick, Phoebe, AK) and the older gang led by Mat Rogers (Jacqui, Tarzan, Moana).

"When you hear those stories and you see those stories, it's just a reminder that they've still got big hearts," Moana said.

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