Jason Alexander Says Seinfeld's Iconic 'Marine Biologist' Scene Almost Didn't Happen

Speaking on Triple M's drive show on Tuesday, Jason Alexander spoke about the iconic series and, of course, his role of George Costanza.

There are countless classic episodes of 'Seinfeld' that, even to this day, remain a part of popular culture, along with 'Seinfeldisms' that continue to be a part of our modern vernacular.

But few moments compare to the season five episode "The Marine Biologist", which first aired way back in 1994.

ICYMI (...nearly 30 years ago), the episode features Alexander's character George having to lie to an old college friend about being a Marine Biologist, thanks to a lie created by Jerry.

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The episode culminates in George dramatically explaining how he waded into the ocean to save a beached whale to impress his lady friend, only to discover one of Kramer's golfballs lodged in the whale's blowhole.

Speaking to Jason about the fan favourite episode, Triple M host Jane Kennedy said to the actor, “One of my favourite scenes ever is that you were a marine biologist and the amazing soliloquy that you say in the diner...”

It quickly prompted both hosts and Jason to say the first line of George's infamous monologue in unison, "The sea was angry that day my friends," before Jason revealed that the scene was never a part of the original script.



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“Up until the day of, there was a different ending and it wasn’t that,” he said.

“We did the scene as written and [Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David] had a little pow-wow, and Larry came up to me and said ‘how long can you learn a monologue?’ and I said ‘how long is the monologue?’, and he said ‘a page’, and I said, ‘about 3-4 minutes.’"

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He continued, “He wrote this thing and it was brilliant. We never rehearsed it because the audience was already there, we did it once for the cameras but the audience couldn’t see it, then they pulled the curtain away and we did it one time in front of the audience.”

Jason Alexander is currently in Australia for his 'Master Of His Domain' tour to mark 30 years since 'Seinfeld' aired.

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