'Absolute Spanner In The Works': Mokuta Sends Two Unlikely Castaways To Exile Beach

Flattened by Vakama at yet another immunity challenge, Mokuta was rocked by JLP's announcement that it wouldn't be a standard evening at Tribal Council.

Instead of voting to eliminate someone from the game, the tribe was told they would be sending the two players with the most votes away to Exile Beach, "where their fate will be decided".

"That's an absolute spanner in the works," said Harry, adding that "another twist means you've got to play differently, especially when there's the chance of people coming back". 

The twist caused Mokuta's collective eyebrows to raise and their jaws to drop with those supposedly controlling the game concerned that this could muck up their entire strategy.

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The tribe has been split into an athlete's alliance (Abbey, Lydia, Lee, John, Zach) who Sharn has been voting with, and the Little Rascals (Nick, Harry, Shonee).

Athletes leader Abbey has been gunning to get rid of the person she's perceived as the weakest (Shonee) to keep the team strong, even though supposed challenge beasts Lee and John have both had some wonky moments themselves.

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The Mokuta tribemate has been making some big moves... for our hearts.

While Harry and Nick attempted to create a little ambiguity before the vote, Abbey remained firm when asked if the Exile Beach twist would change anything for her.

"Yep, I'm stickin' to the plan," she said, with Nick agreeing that "cohesion and reliability" were the words that would be on Mokuta's family crest, if they had one.

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Unlike last night, there were no idols in play and JLP began reading through the votes that would decide which two Mokuta members would be changing their postal address to 1 Exile Beach Way.

The numbers were decisive with five stacked against Shonee, three for Zach and just one for John.

"That means the two of you have been voted out of this tribe," you're going to Exile tonight, JLP told the former Season 3 cast members.

An all-expenses-paid trip to Exile for these besties! Image: Network 10.

"Let's go!" Shonee said, probably happy to get away from the tribe that tried to vote her out two nights in a row.

While Shonee wasn't so much a fan of Zach when they first played the game, they'll definitely have to team up to make their stay on the dreaded Exile Beach as bearable as possible.

We're not sure exactly how the next twist will go down but historically speaking, it's a battle between two Exiles to win back their spot in the game, with the other walking away after the challenge.

Just like it's been on Mokuta all along, it's going to be a battle of Brains vs. Braun.

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