The Most Creative Fake Idols We've Seen On 'Australian Survivor'

We hear a lot about how 'Australian Survivor' is a physical game or a social game -- but there's one skill that often gets overlooked.

While it can certainly be helpful to be able to hold onto heavy objects for long periods of time, or possessing the knack for manipulating someone with carefully thought out lies, we really don't give enough praise to the artists of the 'Survivor' community.

The ability to fashion a fake idol requires a Bowerbird-like skill to gather precious objects and then covertly produce a counterfeit work of ART worthy of fooling the rest of your tribe.

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And, if successful, the payoff can be hugely advantageous -- more so than flexing your physical strength in a reward or immunity challenge.

The list of 'Survivor' craftspeople might not be that long yet but we really need to take a minute to applaud the creative geniuses behind the fake idol industry.

Welcome to the 'Australian Survivor: Creative Arts Awards' Hall of Fame.

David Genat - 'All Stars' 2020

You know something's going on when the night-vision starts. Image: Network 10.

We're just four episodes into this season and the Golden God has already accumulated enough idol envy to pick up his kit and head along to his after-hours tool shed (the beach).

After Mat scooped up his second idol of the game from the fish and chip reward crates -- with several other Vakama members around him -- the ever industrious Dave began creating a knock-off to keep up his leather-jacket sleeve if he needs it.

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Medium: Forget oil on canvas, because sculpture is how Dave expresses his masterpieces best. He used a machete to noisily hack off a piece of the reward tackle box while the rest of his tribe slept

Success: Pending. Dave's already running things at Vakama and might not need to use this baby for a while.

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Aaron 'AK' Knight - Season 2, 2017

Mate, it's a rock. Image: Network 10.

While Asaga were meant to be building a shelter, Adam scurried off to search for a hidden immunity idol -- and AK decided that if there was an idol to be found, he was going to get to it first.

Adam returned empty-handed to coerce a few of his tribemates to help him search. Locky decided to join the hunt with the idol clue in hand and discovered some upturned shrubs and a mysterious piece of string.

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To cover his tracks after finding a real hidden immunity idol, AK created a decoy "chicken idol" to throw his tribe into confusion and chaos.

Can't argue with that! Image: Network 10.

Medium: The beauty of AK's artwork lay in its simplicity and his good fortune of finding a rock shaped exactly like a chicken.

Success: An overwhelming success in making the tribe think he was an absolute dolt for creating such an obviously fake bit of 'Survivor' merch. AK achieved his goal of creating organised chaos and correctly placed a target on Adam's back.

He then played his real idol for Jarrad during Tribal and cemented his status as a bonafide 'Survivor' snake.

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David Genat - Season 4, 2019.

Again, night vision is where the Golden God glows like the 'Survivor' deity he is. Image: Network 10.

It hasn't even been a year since Dave last made a fake hidden immunity idol and we honestly can't think of another artist who's more prolific.

After hearing that Janine had an idol that could only be used by a Contenders contestant, Dave knew he had an opportunity to do a dodgy deal with whichever poor soul had found the corresponding clue over at the other tribe -- Shaun Hampson.

Medium: A tiny skull from his tribe's tree-mail box, which was much easier to pry off and didn't require a machete. Then like a brown paper package, he tied it with string and THESE are a few of our favourite things.

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Success: Wildly successful -- for a while. The beautifully trusting Shaun didn't even open up the package that Dave handed to him, and in return the Golden God got a real idol for himself.

Yes, Shaun eventually found out but he still ended up getting out just before Dave did and this act has gone down in history as one of the moments that created the Golden God.

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