'Dancing's In My Blood': The Music Videos That Feature Chloe's Famous Parents, Olivia Newton-John And Matt Lattanzi

While Chloe Lattanzi is still learning the ropes when it comes to waltzes and foxtrots -- it was dancing that first brought her parents together.

Olivia Newton-John and Matt Lattanzi first met on the set of 'Xanadu' -- the technicolour disco roller-skating film about an ancient Greek muse coming to life from a mural to inspire a struggling artist in LA.

The 1980 film featured Olivia playing the part of the muse Kira, and Matt was on-screen as one of the 'Xanadu' dancers. The couple got married in 1984 and then split in 1995 but collaborated on plenty of dance extravaganzas in between those years.

All these years later, their singer-songwriter daughter is having a crack at 'Dancing With The Stars' and, while she doesn't have the title of 'professional dancer' on her CV, she's definitely got some rhythm in her genes.



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We decided to have a little dig through the archives to have a look at Chloe's parents' dancefloor skills, which has only made us pray that she and dance partner Gustavo work a 'Xanadu' tribute into their routine one week.

"Xanadu" - 1980

In a disco halter-neck jumpsuit, with Farrah Fawcett waves and gold stilettos, Olivia embodies the spirit of disco as she twirls around in front of her groovy backup dancers.

Take a glimpse stage right and you can watch Matt in an orange sweater, white shirt and tie busting out some impressive star jumps and pirouettes.



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"Physical" - 1982

Two years after "Xanadu" and ONJ had traded the disco locks for a cropped 'do with a sweatband and the jumpsuit for some high-cut lycra.

You may remember that the concept for this film clip involves Olivia training a room full of unfit dudes who magically transform into ripped hunks while she's inexplicably having a shower with her gym clothes on.

Matt plays one of the very serious-faced buff boys with plenty of fake tan and not many clothes.



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"Soul Kiss" - 1986

There's a gorgeous amount of vaseline on the lens for this sultry clip that features maybe not so much dancing but plenty of kissing. Olivia and Matt star as lovers through the ages, including a Marilyn Monroe-esque bathtub scene with Lattanzi falling straight into the tub in his tuxedo.



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"Can't We Talk It Over In Bed?" - 1988

Again, not so much dancing in this clip but there are some great theatrical moments that feature Olivia and Matt horsing around with shaving cream before feuding, throwing wedding rings and ONJ punching her silk pillows.

Acting is definitely a big part of 'Dancing With The Stars' in setting the scene and creating a character -- so Chloe's already got plenty of research under her belt as she hits the dancefloor for the first time.

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