'The Biggest Karmic Gift': How Melissa Fumero's Second Pregnancy While Filming 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Was Much Easier Than Her First

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' actor Melissa Fumero is preparing to give birth any day now, coinciding right at the same time as the comedy's Season 7 premiere.

Melissa's expecting her second child with husband David Fumero and told 10 daily over the phone from Los Angeles that the timing of her pregnancy was much more convenient than her first in 2015/2016.

"The first time I was pregnant I worked the entire pregnancy and gave birth like five days after we wrapped which was horrible," Melissa explained.

Eagle-eyed fans of the show might remember her character Amy Santiago wearing much baggier clothes, carrying enormous tote bags and holding more binders than usual during 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's third season.

Over-sized Hawaiian shirt and tote bag? Check! Image: FOX.

"I'd sit behind a lot of things, we did a lot of sneaky camera angles and I held things in front of me," she said of masking her growing baby bump on screen.

"Our DP [Director of Photography] Rick Page, who at the time was one of our camera operators, actually kept a little notebook and every time there was a new prop we were using he'd be like, hashtag belly file!



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"Then at the end of the season he made me a T-shirt with every single prop we use to hide my belly and it was awesome," Melissa said.

A very conveniently placed binder for Santiago. Image: FOX.

Melissa gave birth to her son Enzo in 2016 and was over the moon when she fell pregnant again and realised her second child would be arriving comfortably after her filming schedule for 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'.

"This time we wrapped a few months ago, we wrapped back in November so I've had like the whole end of my pregnancy off which has felt like the biggest karmic gift ever for what I did last time," she laughed.

Funnily enough, Season 7 begins with Melissa's character Amy and husband Jake Peralta beginning to think about whether they should start trying for a baby -- a prospect that Jake's bestie Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) has been dreaming of since Season 1 before they even got together as a couple.

But while most shows can go stale when the romantic tension fizzles out between two lead characters and they marry and start having kids, Jake and Amy's relationship has never gotten in the way of character development and the quality of the script.

"They're also such opposites, that kept it sort of fun and fresh and has given us a lot of stuff to explore with them because there are so many fun crossroads for them where they're polar opposites," she said of the Type-A personality Amy and the more Peter Pan-esque Jake, who once admitted the one dirty grey bath towel he owned came with his apartment.

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Melissa credited the show's writers, and creator Dan Goor, for the way Jake and Amy's relationship has developed at the same pace as their characters' own -- very individual -- storylines.

"We also love the way that they have avoided a lot of tropes and a lot of cliches when it comes to Jake and Amy -- that's something we're always striving for, like, 'how do we keep this real and fun and funny, but also like, not the thing that we've seen a million times before?'"

Image: NBC.

Keeping the show fresh has been something of a rare specialty at 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' with each season ending on a unique cliffhanger that sets the stage for the next adventure -- whether it's an undercover bank job gone wrong that lands Jake and Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) in prison or Jake and Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) winding up in Florida as part of a witness protection program.

This season, the stakes are a little different with the major shift coming in the form of Holt's temporary demotion (by his nemesis Madeline Wunch) to a beat cop, challenging the established power dynamics between the squad.

"I think everyone has a weird, hard time dealing with it, we definitely see that in the first episode more so with Jake," she said.

"It's this whole new dynamic that Holt has to go through, he worked so hard to become a captain and then to have this huge setback affects him in multiple ways."

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 premieres at 8. 30pm Friday 7 February on SBS and SBS On Demand.