'I Wanted To Run Back In': How Daisy Tried To Save Herself Moments Before Her Elimination

It was a Tribal Council full of explosive twists and turns that saw Daisy Richardson become the third 'All Star' to be voted off 'Australian Survivor'.

From the outside, it seemed as though the Sexy Seven alliance had the numbers and either Moana or Jacqui from the minority group of four (along with Mat and Tarzan) would be heading home.

But two idols in play and the genius of the Golden God and the Godfather working together behind the scenes made for a result that barely anyone saw coming, least of all Daisy.

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"My arse got handed to me," Daisy told 10 daily after her elimination.

"I wanted to go out in style but I wanted it to be my style and not Dave’s style," she said, explaining that she's since gotten wind of how the vote went down. 

Image: Network 10.

Daisy said she knew something was amiss the day of the vote but just couldn't put her finger on it, but in hindsight, she realises that Dave's unusually worried behaviour should have tipped her off.

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"Dave isn’t an unconfident player so for him to make an unconfident statement should have been a big warning sign," she added. 

The Golden God's brilliant acting saw Brooke play her idol for him, thus flushing it from the game.

But it was his secret alliance with Mat Rogers that meant Mat knew to play his idol for Jacqui (the one that Henry from Mokuta gifted him) and the minority four could place all their votes on Daisy.

A master class in acting from the Golden God. Image: Network 10.

"I whispered a couple of times to Locky that Brooke should play the idol for me," Daisy told 10 daily, explaining that she kept trying to get Brooke's attention. 

"I felt that something wasn’t right here and I kept looking over at her, trying to signal her to play it for me," she said. "And then she got up and played it and I tried to speak but I just choked, I couldn’t get the words out to tell her to play it for me."

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As the votes began stacking up against Daisy and she was called forward to have her torch extinguished by Jonathan La Paglia, she told 10 daily that she was completely taken by surprise.

The tribe had spoken. Image: Network 10.

"After I walked away I was in pure shock, I screamed, I crouched down on the ground then I walked out of tribal and just couldn’t believe it," she said. 

"I’d given up so much to come back so soon and it just felt like the carpet had really been pulled from underneath me -- I just wanted to run back in and tell Brooke to play her idol for me because I so easily could have been saved."

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I think I was more disappointed in myself because I had an opportunity to save myself and tell her to play it and I didn’t.

Daisy conceded that Dave had done a great job in convincing the Seven that the minority alliance would be gunning for him -- but it was all part of his revenge plan, payback for Daisy's part in his epic Season 4 blindside.

"If anything comes of this I hope that Dave does make it a really far way through because it means that I will be on his Survivor resume and it’ll all be worth it," Daisy optimistically said.

Mat's theatrical surrender of the idol, playing it -- eventually -- for Jacqui. Image: Network 10.

But while Daisy did have concerns about Dave and knew exactly what kind of player he is, she said she's actually a lot crankier with a certain fake yoga instructor who handed the idol to the "wrong person".

"To be honest, the person I was most pissed off at was Henry," she admitted. 

"I knew Dave was going to be going after me but if Henry had not given that idol to Mat Rogers, he could have given it to literally his best friend from his season -- Locky -- so it would have been in the right hands, and he chose not to."

Daisy might have left 'All Stars' too soon but she exited with her head held high after her stunning MMA-style performance against Lydia Lassila the day before.

"It was a real struggle but it was awesome to finally put her in the drink," Daisy said. 

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