Locky Said He'd 'Probably' Say Yes To The Bachelor After Practice Run On 'Survivor'

For one night only, 'Australian Survivor: All Stars' played host to a rose ceremony that *almost* looked like the real thing.

The Bachelor mansion was replaced by the very rustic surrounds of the Vakama camp and the glittering gowns and suits made way for grubby tank tops and 'Survivor' buffs -- but the most important elements were there.

An eligible Bachelor, three hopeful Bachelorettes, and one softly spoken Osher impersonator.

Single gals Brooke, Phoebe and Daisy have been pretty chuffed to be on the same tribe as challenge beast and certified hunk Locky but it's been very tricky for him to share the love around.

Will you accept this rose? Image: Network 10.

"Yeah, I think Locky's my kinda guy," Daisy said at camp, before adding that she knows she's not only one who's noticed the six-foot bloke with a chiselled jawline who also knows how to make a shelter.

"Ticks all the 'Survivor' female boxes," Daise added.

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Both Phoebe and Brooke have had their eyes on Locky, explaining that while the chemistry was a bonus, it could also be a strategic advantage to have a tribe husband.

To work out who the lucky gal should be, they called upon AK who summoned his most gravelly Osher whisper and provided Locky with some strands of grass instead of roses for a mock Bachie ceremony.

Where's Osher when you need him? Image: Network 10.

"We've had a fantastic 25 days, but unfortunately tonight, the experience will end... for one of you," AK deadpanned, as the contestants cracked up.

Locky then very diplomatically gave out a rose to each girl, not wanting to cause a stir -- which caused Brooke to turn things up a notch and remove her tank top.

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Speaking to 10 daily before the episode aired, Locky explained that flirting definitely helps your gameplay but they were also just "having a bit of fun".

"I can’t even handle one girl let alone three of them, so it was pretty hard to keep everyone happy," he said. "It was really good fun, all the girls are amazing girls so I really had fun with it."

AK should host 'Bachelor in Paradise' with Osher, tbh. Image: Network 10.

So could Locky see himself as a legit Bachelor sometime in the future?

"Probably!" he laughed, adding that he's mates with a few of the guys who have featured on the show.

"They all said it’s pretty fun so it’d be pretty cool but I’m too busy," he explained.

We'd almost be sad but the thing about 'Survivor' contestants is you can't really trust anything they say, not even Locky!

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' airs Monday-Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.