The Little Rascals, The Sexy Seven And The Unlikely Duo: The Alliances The 'All Stars' Have Formed So Far

You could practically see the cogs turning as soon as the 'All Stars' hit the beach and began plotting and planning the alliances they could form.

It's only the beginning of the competition but things move at lightning speed when the best players of the last four years get together for some good old fashioned blindsiding -- their favourite sport!

Alliances change more often than the Survivors change their undies (which, yes, is not all that often) so we'll be keeping track of the strategic clumps that begin forming each week and then watch them crumble and re-form all over again.

The Cross-Tribe Alliance

An extra-long hug between rival tribes, with a bonus present for Mat. Image: Network 10

Members: Henry and Mat.

While everyone began mentally scheming who they'd potentially work with as soon as they hit the beach, it was Henry who made the first move just minutes into the first challenge between Vakama and Mokuta.

After finding an idol clue while untying ropes, Zen Hen quickly informed Mat Rogers where he could find his tribe's copy.  The clue told both players that an idol was hidden at Tribal Council and it was only good for the first three votes.

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While Henry swooped into Tribal first with Mokuta and tucked the idol into his poncho, Vakama's next two immunity losses meant he wouldn't get a chance to use it.

So after Mokuta won the third immunity challenge, he slipped the idol over to Mat during a very long and awkward hug in the water -- an action that was to contribute to Daisy packing up her torch and heading home. 

The Little Rascals (Mokuta)

Members: Shonee, Harry, Nick.

Things have been somewhat more chill over at Mokuta because they've avoided the last two Tribals, after sending Shane Gould home on the second night.

So it makes sense that this ragtag bunch of trickster ragamuffins scurried into the jungle to sit on the kids' table and form the Little Rascals.

Harry, Shonee and Nick -- a dream alliance of troublemakers who have made a pact to respect the "circle of trust" and remember Shonee's warning that "snitches get stitches and end up in ditches".

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The Sexy Seven/The Cookie Monsters (Vakama)

Members: Locky, Dave, Brooke, Phoebe, Flick, AK, D̶a̶i̶s̶y̶

An alliance formed by the (mostly single) gods and goddesses of Vakama -- the Sexy Seven are the cool kids who are way too comfortable being in the majority.

They bonded over a secret cookie jar and voted out original Cookie Monster Jericho but have overlooked the fact that they've let Dave completely manipulate them, with the Golden God orchestrating Daisy's elimination.

When the wind is taken right out of your sexy sails. Image: Network 10.

The Older, But Better Looking Alliance (Vakama)

Members: Mat, Jacqui, Tarzan, Moana.

"There's the younger, good looking crew, then there's the older, good looking crew that I'm part of," Mat Rogers explained of his 'Survivor' family.

They might have lost Jericho from their fold but the underdogs scraped through their last Tribal because of Mat's fearless leadership. He scored an idol from Henry and is secretly working with someone that nobody would suspect.

The Unlikely Duo

Image: Network 10.

Members: Dave and Mat.

Dun dun! It's Dave. The leaders of each of their factions, these two appear to butt heads and ~fight~ at Tribal Council but they're secretly hatching plans to pluck the "underlings" off from each of their sides.

Their co-operation has, so far, been mutually beneficial in getting rid of Daisy but it's hard to say if they'll be able to agree on their next target, with Mat fiercely protective of his group of four.

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' airs Monday-Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.