7-Year-Old Aussie Comedian Roasts Simon Cowell On 'America's Got Talent'

JJ Pantano may only be seven, but his burns to the 'America's Got Talent' judges were so savage that they'll need water after that grill session.

Months after winning the coveted Golden Buzzer on 'Australia’s Got Talent', pint-sized Aussie comedian JJ Pantano appeared on stage for 'America's Got Talent's semifinal 'Champions' edition --  where 12 acts competed for the last six spots in the finals --  and didn't hold back on turning the tables on the judges with some cheeky (and hilarious) insults.



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"Like Simon, you’ve launched some careers," the tiny comedian said to Howie Mandel, who was first in his firing line.

"For example, you discovered Meghan Markle on your show 'Deal or No Deal.' And now America sent her off to England to become a princess."

"And in return, America got [fellow AGT judge] Alesha Dixon. Not sure who approved that deal," he added.

Taking a shot at Heidi Klum's penchant for younger men, Pantano jokingly told the host to call him in 10 years.

"But no promises," he added, "You may be too old for me by then."



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But it was the reality show's notoriously tough judge Simon Cowell that the tiny funnyman saved the most acerbic quips for.

"Simon, I did find out that you want to be cryogenically frozen when you die," Pantano said, with Cowell responding, “Yes.”

Pantano continued, "Some of the things you said on the show, I don’t think you can get any colder… Looking at your face now, I think you started the process already."

The crowd -- and Cowell -- quickly erupted in stitches at the Aussie's quick wit, with Cowell praising the savage performance.

"You are, honestly, absolutely hilarious," Cowell said. "Why is it that I love you insulting me? I really, really hope we get insulted in the finals. You deserve it."

Image: NBC/Youtube