'Australian Survivor': The Best Twitter Reacts To The Explosive 'All Stars' Premiere

The very first 'Australian Survivor: All Stars' cast brought their A-game in more ways than one, and the country is absolutely here for it all.

We'd expect nothing less from a cast boasting the dodgiest snakes, toughest challenge beasts and seasoned winners, and nearly each and every 'All Star' reminded us tonight why we fell in love with their dirty tricks the first time around.

Like a twisted school reunion, the All Stars rocked up on the beach and immediately began surveying their competition with laser-focus beaming right through all those hugs and smiles.

Australian Survivor


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Survivors, ready!

Although, some were distracted by the glorious return of Mr. Jonathan La Paglia, Mullet Man legend John's updated do and some were not so impressed by the return of Zach.

As the newly formed tribes -- Vakama and Mokuta -- set about carrying what looked like 734 kilos of wood on a giant sled to then build a giant bonfire, the first juicy moment of the season happened with Henry finding an idol clue and THEN giving Mat a heads up to keep an eye out for the second one.

Australian Survivor


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With both Mat and Henry stashing their clues down their shorts for later (no-one pulled a Sharn) the two tribes set off to their new homes --winning team Mokuta to their beautiful pre-made shelter with all the trimmings and Vakama to the literal hyena wasteland from the 'Lion King' as AK so eloquently put it.

Luckily, Queen Shonee got the luxury palace we all know she deserves!

The tribes mingled in their various abodes and we learned that Shane has been studying chimpanzee politics as a way to better understand the dynamics at play on 'Australian Survivor'.

The chimpanzee politics didn't come in handy during the season's first immunity challenge, which Mokuta lost and Lee felt just a little bit sheepish about.

The mad scramble for votes saw the tribe split between Harry and Shane (and one for Michelle, Lee?) and made for a first Tribal Council that left fans worried that Harry would be heading home to see his fake son Oscar.

Ultimately, Shane Gould got f***ed with and we all know that NEVER happens. Her torch was snuffed and Lydia was chuffed that she finally got revenge for her blindside.

And just when we thought Tribal was done and dusted and the credits were going to roll -- Henry busted out some slick moves and with a swish of his poncho pocketed the hidden immunity idol that was stashed there, beating Mat Rogers to it.

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' airs Monday-Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.