'Australian Survivor': Shane Gould Researched Chimpanzee Politics To Prep For 'All Stars'

Shane Gould already knows a thing or two about what it takes to win 'Australian Survivor' but she did a little bit of extra homework before entering 'All Stars'.

The Olympic swimming champion showed during Season 3 that she could be stealthy, social and stunningly strategic, taking her game all the way to the Final Tribal Council where she out-pitched barrister Sharn Coombes to claim the number one spot.

While she felt pretty comfortable in gauging the vibe around camp the first time, for 'All Stars', Shane did some light reading about the ways that chimps interact, problem solve and reconcile.

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'Australian Survivor': This Is How The Best Of The Best Prepped For 'All Stars'

Heading into their second 'Australian Survivor' rodeo, the 'All Stars' had a bit of a different approach when it came to preparation.

"To start with, it was just funny to see how similar tribal life is with chimpanzee politics and chimpanzee social life," Shane explained to 10 daily ahead of the 'All Stars' premiere. "

"Chimps work on coalitions, they gang up together to get something that they want," she added. "Then sometimes there’s a hierarchy, and it’s not always the strongest one, it’s often the smartest one that has more authority."

Sounds familiar, right?

Shane continued on to explain how chimps orchestrate their own peace treaties, often having to work with a former adversary.

"So if you got on the wrong side of someone on one vote and perhaps in another vote a day or two later you might have to be reconciled with someone that you voted against," she said. 

"You have to be a peacekeeper and a peacemaker," she added. 

The similarities between chimps and humans become particularly apparent in the 'Survivor' arena, especially when the luxuries of toothbrushes, mirrors, and showers disappear.

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'Australian Survivor' 2020: Meet The 'All Stars' Castaways

Survivors, ready!

"There's quite a bit of grooming on 'Survivor' whether it’s brushing the grass off someone’s back, some people pop each other’s pimples -- or even making something like a bracelet for someone," Shane told 10 daily. 

"Chimps is they do a lot of grooming to maintain relationships and sometimes as an appeasement like, 'Do you still like me? I like you, so let’s groom.'"

Shane's obvious deep interest in the way that humans interact is part of the reason she decided to put her legacy on the line and sign up for 'All Stars'.

"I thought I wouldn’t do another one but it’s such a fun game, such an interesting game, I didn’t really want to miss out," she told 10 daily. 

"It’s like a compression of life," she said, adding that, during the competition, "a lot of things happen -- you have to get to know strangers, work together in a team of people you don’t know that well and negotiate the psychology of relationships."

We had a feeling this season would be chocked full of ~monkey business~ so it's a good thing we'll have Shane's expert chimp analysis on hand.

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' premieres on February 3. Only on 10 and WIN Network.