Good Boys Take The Field For Puppy Bowl 2020 In Hope Of Finding Fur-Ever Home

Forget the Super Bowl -- we're going mutts over the paws-itivley adorable players in this year's Puppy Bowl!

Animal Planet’s 16th annual Puppy Bowl has officially kicked off, so if the idea of a bunch of adorable doggos running around stealing toys off one another on a mini football field sounds far more appealing than actual football, then you won't want to miss all the paw-some action of the game.

This year, fans will see Team Ruff take on Team Fluff as they compete for the coveted Chewy "Lombarky" Trophy.



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“In years past, 100 percent of the puppies and kittens that have participated in the Puppy Bowl have been adopted to loving families,” Animal Planet said in a statement, adding that it’s continuing that tradition this year “with a new set of adorable animals that are ready to tumble and fumble into their new homes across the nation."

"While we will be sure to keep score of touchdowns and puppy penalties, these pups playing the game are sure to go big and go home — with their new loving forever adoptive families!”

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What is the Puppy Bowl?

This year's Puppy Bowl will feature 96 pups from 61 animal shelters and rescue organisations across the US, with "players" split into two teams as they hit the mini football field with dog toys and attempt to score "touchdowns" for their team.

It may be all fun and games, but the event's real purpose is to encourage people to adopt, with the past 16 years of Puppy Bowl seeing an adoption rate of 100 percent of its players.

Along with the variety of ages and breeds, this year's Puppy Bowl will also include five special needs dogs, including a three-legged Labrador Retriever mix, two hearing-impaired pups, a blind and hearing-impaired Shetland Sheepdog mix and an American Staffordshire Terrier and Bulldog mix with a cleft palate.

The five special needs pups competing in the Puppy Bowl. Image: Animal Planet

According to Animal Planet, 2020 has seen the highest number of puppies to ever compete, making it the "biggest and most epic game in Puppy Bowl history."

Is there a half-time show?

While Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are set to rock out on stage at the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl will instead see legendary cat divas Jenni-Purr Lopez and Cat-ira arrive in a "decked-out limousine" and take the stage for a special performance of "Catnips Don't Lie!"

Where can I watch the Puppy Bowl?

You can catch all the best moments from Puppy Bowl XVI on Animal Planet's website.

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Image: Animal Planet