'Australian Survivor': Where To Follow The All Stars On Instagram

While they're creeping on 'Australian Survivor: All Stars', you can have a little creep through their Instagram pages!

If you look hard enough, you might even spot a few clues about the real-life friendships that are on the line for this season of 'All Stars'.

Sure, they might all be having brunch together and attending each other's weddings -- but that all goes out the window once it's time to play 'Australian Survivor' again.

Aaron 'AK' Knight

Abbey Holmes

Australian Survivor


'Australian Survivor' 2020: Meet The 'All Stars' Castaways

Survivors, ready!

Brooke Jowett

Daisy Richardson

Australian Survivor


'Australian Survivor': The TV Show That Inspired Dave Genat's Golden God Moniker

David Genat has described the TV character that inspired his legendary 'Survivor' persona -- the Golden God.

David Genat

Felicity 'Flick' Eggington

Harry Hills

Australian Survivor


'My Feet Were Still Raw': Harry Got Asked To Join 'All Stars' At The Worst Possible Time

Coming from 'Australian Survivor' Season 4, 'Dirty' Harry Hills barely had any time to prepare for 'All Stars'.

Henry Nicholson

Australian Survivor


'I Knew My Cover Was Blown': How Zen Hen Is Revamping His Image For 'All Stars'

Henry Nicholson first entered the 'Australian Survivor' universe claiming to be a humble yoga instructor.

Jacqui Patterson

Jericho Malabonga

Australian Survivor


'I Thought They'd Never Call Me Back': Jericho's Ready To Be Sole Survivor Again

Jericho Malabonga never expected to score an invitation to 'Australian Survivor: All Stars'.

John Eastoe

Lee Carseldine

Locky Gilbert

Australian Survivor


'Australian Survivor': This Is How The Best Of The Best Prepped For 'All Stars'

Heading into their second 'Australian Survivor' rodeo, the 'All Stars' had a bit of a different approach when it came to preparation.

Lydia Lassila

Mat Rogers

Australian Survivor


How Jonathan La Paglia Scored A Cameo In This Oscar-Nominated Film

Jonathan La Paglia regularly performs Oscar-worthy monologues on ‘Australian Survivor’ but you can also catch him in one of the films nominated in this year’s Best Picture category.

Michelle Dougan

Moana Hope



'I Went Home And Bawled My Eyes Out': Why Nick Iadanza Originally Turned Down 'All Stars'

Nick Iadanza takes the cake as the biggest superfan who's ever made it on to 'Australian Survivor'.

Nick Iadanza

Phoebe Timmins

Australian Survivor


‘I’ve Got Big Shoes To Fill And They’re My Own’: Why Phoebe Decided To Put Her ‘Survivor’ Legacy On The Line

Even though she didn't win Season 1 of 'Australian Survivor', lawyer Phoebe Timmins left the game with a reputation as a master strategist.

Sharn Coombes

Shonee Fairfax

Australian Survivor


'Australian Survivor': The Joke That Started Tarzan's Career As A Lime Farmer

It's only been eight years since Mark 'Tarzan' Herlaar became a lime farmer and the idea popped up in a rather unusual way.

Mark 'Tarzan' Herlaar

Zach Kozyrski

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' airs Monday-Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.