'Australian Survivor': Jacqui Had To Halt Her Prep For A Bodybuilding Comp To Join 'All Stars'

Marriage celebrant Jacqui Patterson was already in peak physical shape before she knew she would be heading back to 'Australian Survivor'.

The Season 2 contestant explained to 10 daily ahead of the 'All Stars' premiere that she was gearing up for a bodybuilding competition when she got a mysterious call from a Fijian number.

"I was pleasantly surprised, it’s a pretty big thing," she said of being considered an 'All Star' player, adding that she didn't hesitate for a second in accepting the invitation.

"There was no question, I was absolutely thrilled and surprised and honoured to be asked," Jacqui said.

The only fly in the ointment was that she was preparing herself physically for a whole different kind of competition -- one that meant she had to completely switch gears in her diet.

"I was actually in full prep for a bodybuilding comp because I competed last year and I wanted to compete again in a natural women’s fitness model comp," she explained. 

"So I was six weeks off stage and I was on target, dieting for 13 weeks," she said. "Then I got the call for 'All Stars' and I was like, ‘do you mean telling me I’ve been dieting for nothing?’"

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While it meant she was in tip-top physical shape, it meant that Jacqui had to start slowly introducing more food into her diet, to make sure she would have enough energy stored for another round of 'Survivor'.

"When you’ve been in a calorie deficit, you can’t just go right 'well I’ll just go and eat whatever', you’ve got to reverse out of it because it screws up with your metabolism," she said.

While she went in to Fiji "pretty lean" Jacqui was pretty stoked she'd accidentally been preparing her body for the intense reward and immunity challenges all along.

"It was like I was prepping for something I didn’t know I was prepping for," she laughed. 

Jacqui lasted 22 days on the Asaga tribe, forming power-couple/mother and son status quite early on with Henry Nicholson, before he volunteered to jump ship to Samatau, leaving their original alliance on shaky ground.

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Henry Nicholson first entered the 'Australian Survivor' universe claiming to be a humble yoga instructor.

"I knew it wouldn’t have been an 'All Stars without Henry," Jacqui said of their reunion when the cast first greeted each other on the beach.

"I think he got more of a shock to see me, he was like, ‘what the hell are you doing here?’ and I thought, ‘well, I’ve got every right to be here, boy’.

"I’m a bit like his Survivor mum, I’m old enough to be his mother," she said.

She explained to 10 daily that there wasn't much she'd be changing about her social game going into 'All Stars', pointing out that a leopard can't really change its spots.

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"I think most of us like to think we’ve reinvented ourselves but it’s a  day game and it’s a long time to be something that you’re not.

"So, I’m a very much, shoot from the hip sort of girl -- you know where you stand with me and I say what I think so I think that always comes out in the end," she said. 

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' airs Monday-Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.