‘Every Time I Wasn’t Eliminated I Was Surprised’: Dale Thomas Missed Out On The Crown But Leaves The Jungle A Winner

While he didn’t take the title of King of the Jungle, Dale ‘Daisy’ Thomas leaves the jungle on top.

Chatting to 10 daily soon after Miguel Maestre was crowned, Daisy said he was surprised to have even made it to the final, let alone the second-place spot.

“We all thought for the last month that Miguel was going to win,” he said with a laugh, “that was the vibe in camp.

“We all thought Rhonda -- to see her on my second night come over and say ‘Pull my finger’, what a legend. And Miguel is such an infectious person, his humour, good will and what he stands for you can’t help but love him,” he said, adding, “Every time I wasn’t eliminated I was surprised.”

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A little over a year ago Miguel Maestre was a devastated man, the first eliminated from ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

‘Every Time I Wasn’t Eliminated I Was Surprised’: Dale Thomas Missed Out On The Crown But Leaves The Jungle A Winner
Dale 'Daisy' Thomas and Miguel Maestre at the finale of 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' Season 6. Photo: Network 10.

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Dale Thomas Opens Up About Anxiety Battle, AFL Pressure And Fatherhood

Taking his anti-anxiety medication, Dale explained to Miguel he has struggled with mental health for several years.

Daisy approached ‘I’m A Celebrity’ as a personal challenge. “I did make the joke that it would have been the jungle or rehab -- I think I got off lightly there,” he said.

But his time in camp surprised many of his fellow celebs, as well as audiences at home when he emerged as a smart, compassionate and refreshingly honest guy.

“I’ve always loved being a footballer,” he told 10 daily, “I haven’t always loved what’s come with that. I think perceptions of footballers are one thing you get pigeonholed a bit.

“I don’t think I said anything [in camp] that I wouldn’t say to my own mates, I didn’t think it was going to be that interesting,” he said.

Opening up to Miguel several times about his childhood, his dad, his mental health and anxiety and his own role as a father, Dale had some genuine, open and honest conversations with his campmates.

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After yesterday's episode of 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' saw Dale open up about his struggles with anxiety, the former Carlton player has again spoken about his past struggles.

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‘I Don’t Even Think He Realises How Amazing He Is’: Natasha Bongiorno Opens Up On The Real Dale Thomas

Dale Thomas has been an absolute revelation in the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ camp, revealing himself to be thoughtful and full of compassion.

“Most people see a happy-go-lucky bloke and that’s the perception you get, but the perception you give, there’s a lot more for a lot of us that goes on under the surface,” he said.

Part of his time in ‘I’m A Celeb’ was fighting through those moments where all you have is time to kill.

“I think there was a period where I went 11 days without doing anything, without a trial,” he said. “I spent every day just staring at that fire -- you get lost in your thoughts, wondering about what people are doing back home, what am I doing here.

"It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, and the most rewarding.”

“I loved literally everyone who came through that camp. I was so concerned that they were going to be caught up in their own lunchbox -- everyone was so level, you actually had genuine conversations. That’s why I’m surprised at getting so far because it just felt like sitting around a fire having a chat with a mate.

“If anything I wanted to go in and test myself but at the end of the day make my family proud. Hopefully, them watching that, it happened.”

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