Miguel Maestre Crowned King Of The Jungle In 'I'm A Celebrity' Finale

The Crazy Bull now has another moniker to add to his name, being crowned the winner of the sixth season of ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’.

Standing at the finale alongside runner-up Dale ‘Daisy’ Thomas, Miguel had survived almost a month inside the camp.

From bungee jumping out of a helicopter to smuggling in half a kitchen into camp, Miguel Maestre never did anything by halves. Living his life to the fullest in camp, Miguel was the glue that kept the camp together.

It was the night when the campmates won ingredients to cook his signature dish of paella that exemplified how Miguel used cooking to unite the camp, keeping our dysfunctional celebrity family together. 

Image: Network 10.

Hell, the man even punched a crocodile (before he realised it was just a plastic croc head as a prank) in order to save Charlotte Crosby.

The celebrity chef and ‘Living Room’ co-host won over his fellow celebs with many leaving the camp saying he had it in the bag. 

I'm A Celebrity...


Why Sascha Maestre Initially Didn’t Want Miguel To Go On ‘I’m A Celebrity’

Hours away from the ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ finale, Sascha Maestre admits she almost didn’t want her husband going into the jungle at all.

Playing in support of R U OK?, Miguel spent his time in the jungle listening to his camp mates, being a shoulder they could cry on -- and he also made the rest of us bawl speaking about his family and being away from home.

Image: Network 10.

His emotional reunion with his wife Sascha and two children Claudia and Morgan had the country bawling -- and his screams of pain while being zapped by electrodes had us crying with laughter. 

Truly a deserving king, congratulations Miguel!

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