'I've Been Scarred': The 'Survivor' Challenge Michelle Doesn't Want To Encounter On 'All Stars'

While most 'Survivor' players leave the game after their flame is extinguished, for a select few it's the other way around.

Nanny Michelle Dougan managed to claw her way through the best part of Season 2 -- but hit a snag when the final four arrived at a tiebreak situation at Tribal Council.

With two votes to her name and two for Jericho Malabonga, the tribe was at an impasse which triggered a somewhat rare fire-making tie-breaker following a second vote.

It was to be a 'Sliding Doors' type moment for both Michelle and Jeri, with the former forced to pack her bags after failing to ignite many sparks from her flint and the latter eventually going on to win half a million dollars.

Image: Network 10.

"I was devastated," Michelle told 10 daily of the fateful tribal.

"The second I walked into that fire challenge against Jeri, I feel like that was the only day I played the game wrong," she said, explaining that exhaustion had gotten the best of her.

"I was really tired, I was getting a little bit more frustrated and that day I just really dropped the ball and with 'Survivor',  you can’t drop the ball for a single day, otherwise you go home.

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While Michelle did beat Locky Gilbert in the immunity challenge that won her a car (which some might say is the ultimate curse of the game) -- she left her season feeling as though her 'Survivor' itch wasn't completely scratched.

"I was devastated that night [of elimination] but then there’s nothing you can do to change that moment and that’s why, to me, having a second crack was so important. 

"It was something I needed to do, I guess I had unfinished business," she added. 

Coming into 'All Stars', Michelle noted that 'Australian Survivor' isn't the sort of game you can be 100 percent ready for, even though she has been preparing to face her old nemesis, the block of flint *shakes fist*, once again.

"I think I’ve been scarred from the whole fire-making thing because that was the one thing that I don’t want to come up against this season," she said. "Even though I feel confident that I could do it, I sometimes buckle under pressure and I don’t want to see anything to do with a fire challenge this season."

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Fire aside, when it comes to people, Michelle isn't too fazed by the 'All Stars' cast and told 10 daily she wasn't too worried about any of her old foes plotting their revenge against her.

"Locky and I clash, we butt heads so seeing him again I was like, ‘ugh, here we go again’ but no one out there really intimidated me at all. 

"Once I was on that mat, it was like all the nerves left," she said. 

Michelle enters 'All Stars' with a fairly clean slate but said the tension is palpable among other players.

"Everyone said, 'no bad blood, let bygones be bygones' but that’s bull, I know there are people who have been clinging on to every single move --  especially if they were shafted like there was no tomorrow-- and they’ve been banging on about it for years."

And judging by the egos in the mix on the 'All Stars' cast -- there are a going to be a whole fresh bunch of grudges for everyone to stew over for the next four years.

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' airs Monday-Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.