'She's So Excited': Chloe Lattanzi Says Mum Olivia Newton-John Can't Wait To See Her Slay DWTS

She may be the daughter of 'Grease' icon Oliva Newton-John, but 'Dancing With The Stars' contestant Chloe Lattanzi is a woman of many talents in her own right.

And despite having an advantage over her competitors thanks to her years of dance training, singer, dancer and actress Chloe admitted that there were times she doubted herself throughout her gruelling rehearsals with partner Gustavo Viglio.

"It's a completely different style of dance!" she told 10 daily. "It's different to the way that I would usually hold my body when I was doing ballet or modern dance."



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"I have to tell my body, 'No! You need to have your feet straight. You need to have your legs this way!' It's kind of like re-learning. So basically the style of dance that I have in my background doesn't help me!" she laughed.

"So it's like learning all over again -- but I like that it's a challenge and it's really amazing to see after weeks of hard work that I can actually do the foxtrot!"



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Having been a self-confessed "crazy perfectionist the point where it's debilitated" her, she added that she's now "let that go" as much as she can for her DWTS journey.

"I'm very hard on myself when I don't get something straight away and I need to learn. But I have to think if I don't know something, it's normal to not get it straight away," she explained.

Having moved on from her previous struggles with anorexia and depression, Chloe said that she hoped to use her time on DWTS to help others who may be going through the same issues.

"I healed that part of my life and I now want to use those experiences to help human beings that are suffering," she said, adding, "I'd like to use my platform to raise awareness about mental health and ways to cope. I'm not in those places mentally anymore but I would talk about it [on the show] to help other people."

Despite Chloe's apprehension about nailing her routines, she has one cheerleader who will no doubt be proud of her whatever the outcome is -- mum Olivia Newton-John.

"Oh, she's so excited!" Chloe said. "She's like, 'this is a perfect show for you, Chloe!' because I love to dance. It's one of my biggest loves and to getting to do this with professional dancers and wearing all these amazing costumes and donating prize money to the charity of your choice, that's just amazing."

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Dancing With The Stars Starts On Sunday, February 9, Only On 10 And WIN Network. 

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