'My Feet Were Still Raw': Harry Got Asked To Join 'All Stars' At The Worst Possible Time

Coming from 'Australian Survivor' Season 4, 'Dirty' Harry Hills barely had any time to prepare for 'All Stars'.

The villainous favourite, who weirdly won us all over with his fake son -- Oscar Nathan Hills -- made it all the way to the top three of 'Champions vs Contenders', bowing out after that torturous final immunity challenge.

Stepping down just before Pia Miranda and Baden Gilbert did, Harry lasted a horrifying six hours and forty minutes standing on two wooden pegs, with only his grip on two ropes to relieve the weight on his feet.

Image: Network 10.

"Oh man, after that challenge, I couldn’t walk properly for about three days," Harry told 10 daily ahead of the 'All Stars' premiere.

"The skin on the bottom of my feet peeled off -- something bizarre that has never happened before and I doubt will ever happen again," he added.

"It was pretty much torture."

Image: Network 10.

Harry hobbled back to Jury Villa, having to say goodbye to his partner Jordan who witnessed the pain he'd just gone through, with no idea what was about to happen next.

"I went up on that challenge for the final three, got out of that challenge at 4 am and didn’t sleep. Then midday the next day, I was asked if I would like to do 'All Stars'. 

"While my feet are still raw, they’re asking, 'do you want to do it again?'" he laughed.

Hills is the same sort of super-fan as Nick Iadanza, who faced a serious dilemma in signing up again for the show that punishes you physically, mentally and emotionally but offers an experience that you've dreamt of for more than half your life.

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He contemplated saying 'no' after just completing 49 days on the show but left it up to his partner to make the call, telling her after the Season 4 finale that he had some "serious stuff" to tell her.

"She thought something really terrible had happened but I was just quite forward with it," he said. " I was like, 'listen, I’ve been asked to do this again, what do you think?'

"I told her flat out -- and I was being serious -- that if she said no, then I wouldn’t do it but she said she couldn’t keep me from doing 'Survivor' again because its a dream of mine."

Image: Network 10.

Once Harry had agreed to join 'Australian Survivor's best of the best, he only had a month and a half at home in WA, where he's currently holding down three jobs -- dietician, ice-cream maker, and chef.

"Obviously, the dietician and ice cream stuff doesn’t completely cross over but it’s more about making people happy," he said.

"I think that people’s choices around food are completely their own but if they want an ice-cream or they want to be healthy, I’m there for both."

Having access to bulk amounts of ice-cream would have come in handy for Harry who said he was "eating as much as possible" to put back on the weight he'd lost during Season 4 before flying back to Fiji.

But besides trying to nurture his body back to health, Harry was aware he'd have to prepare mentally for an entirely different social game, knowing full well that everyone on 'All Stars' would have witnessed his deceptive moves.

"Having just played the most recent season, everyone has just watched you," he lamented.

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"I knew that I needed to play more socially and I needed more people on my side," Harry added. "The strategy going into day one was to get as many snakes and villains around me as possible that would be less inclined to get rid of me.

"A vote is still a vote, if you can get a person on your side then that’s a win at the end of the day."

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' premieres on February 3. Only on 10 and WIN Network.