'I'm Nothing Without My Beautiful Wife': Miguel Gushes Over Wife Sascha

We're not crying, you are.

Just when you thought you couldn't adore the shining light of positivity and warmth that is Miguel Maestre any more than you already do, he goes and gets us all emotional while heaping praise upon his beautiful wife, Sascha.

Chatting to Cosentino, the Spaniard was asked how he thought he would handle his wife of 10 years going into the jungle while he remained on the outside if the roles were reversed.

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We spoke to Miguel Maestre's wife of ten years, Sascha, to get the adorable deets on how the sassy Spaniard won her heart.

"I'd probably be struggling to run the house without her," Miguel admitted, adding, "Sascha is much better than me with running the household, she's much better than me with the kids -- she's an amazing mum."

Cos added, "But what about mentally? She'd be stuck here."

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Without missing a beat Miguel replied, "Oh, Sascha is stronger than me as well. She's got an amazing brain as well."

"She's very strong," he gushed.

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Now that's dedication for his mate in Africa!

Later in the Tok Tokkie, Miguel became visibly emotional as he spoke about his wife, whom he met in Edinburgh many years ago while he worked as a doorman and she worked as a waitress.

"It's like somebody has taken something from inside my chest," he said, clutching his heart. "I'm going to pay a really expensive price -- I missed our 10 year anniversary!"

He added, "I'm nothing without my beautiful wife".

But of course, Miguel had already organised a little surprise for their anniversary prior to entering the jungle, with Sascha telling 10 daily she received a bouquet of roses on her doorstep on the official date earlier this month.

"Miguel is always showing affection and is always saying beautiful things to me," she swooned during our interview with her earlier this month.

Lucky lady!

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