Five Very Good Reasons Every 'Survivor' Player Needs A Nickname

Contestants might enter the 'Australian Survivor' jungle with the name printed on their birth certificate but the best players will always leave with a moniker worthy of a Greek god.

Nicknames can be earnt, self-pronounced, bestowed by JLP or sometimes as a punishment but regardless of their origin, they usually signify a big player who's making some big moves.

It's a fact that 'Survivor' legend and 'Talking Tribal' host Luke Toki is well aware of -- having claimed the best title in the last four seasons of King of the Jungle.

"I think every Survivor player should give themself a nickname and if they don’t they’re missing the boat," Luke told 10 daily.

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We decided to ask The King of The Jungle and Dirty Harry (aka the Cockroach) to school us on the power of 'Survivor' nicknames of which there are probably going to be plenty on this season of 'All Stars'.

To undermine the gameplay of your enemies

The moment the Godmother insisted her alliance was more of a "collaborative" effort.Image: Network 10.

Harry knew exactly what he was doing when he christened Janine Allis as The Godmother -- exposing her as a leader and placing a giant target on her back.

"I made the entire Godmother schtick because I was playing a bad guy," Harry told 10 daily. 

"it’s more fun to play that way and I think that really is something, as a 'Survivor' fan, that I want to encourage in future for 'Australian Survivor.'"

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As damage control when your enemy undermines you

This was a little less successful but a good effort nonetheless, when Janine tried to counter her Godmother title with The Perfumed Scorpion. Supposedly giving off an illusion of someone who smells like a Mango Magic with a sting in their tail, this one didn't catch on but we're still giving full marks for effort.

To celebrate your good fortune

King Of The Jungle GIF by Australian Survivor

Luke suggested that a strong nickname can act as a battle cry -- even if it's away from the rest of your tribe -- and a nice little pat on the back when you've accomplished a sneaky feat.

"You can put yourself up as a character and pull off a great move and then say, ‘I’m the Golden God or I’m the King of the Jungle!’ and people can get behind that. 

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To walk with a little spring in your step at the next tribal

Image: Network 10.

"I think it’s an awesome thing, having these larger-than-life characters that are up on the screen," Harry told 10 daily.

"I was very happy with the title of Dirty Harry. I remember JLP actually saying Dirty Harry when I was going up to vote and it just made me like, shine on the inside. 

"Just to have him say it in that husky voice, it was lovely," he said. 

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Because if you don't have one, it's a bit of a worry

Luke's face when you don't even have a 'Survivor' nickname. Image: Network 10.

Whether it's Zen Hen, the Smiling Assassin, the Golden God, the Godmother, the Cockroach or, to a lesser extent, the Perfumed Scorpion -- the 'Survivor' nickname is part of the smoke and mirrors that builds someone's identity and legacy on the show.

"If you haven’t got a nickname, maybe you aren’t playing hard enough," Harry told 10 daily.

As for Luke, who will be poring over every move this season on 'Talking Tribal' -- he's issued a warning to the 'All Stars' or anyone considering playing 'Australian Survivor'.

"Back yourself, give yourself a name or I’ll give you one and you’re not going to like it," he laughed. 

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' premieres on February 3. Only on 10 and WIN Network.
'Talking Tribal' premieres Friday, 31 January at 4pm on 10 Play and 10 Speaks.