'I Probably Would Have Won': Flick Revealed The Moment That Sealed Her 'Survivor' Fate

Felicity Eggington is returning to 'Australian Survivor: All Stars' armed with the wisdom from her first round in the game.

While she'll always be remembered as the stone-cold strategist that blindsided her best mate Brooke, Flick is aware of the reason she left in fourth position, instead of first.

"I think my biggest mistake would probably be not convincing Kristie to trust me more... if she had trusted me, she would have gone with me and Matt," she told 10 daily ahead of the 'All Stars' premiere.

"And I probably would have won the game."

It was the crucial moment of Season 1 when the eventual Sole Survivor Kristie was torn between the two alliances campaigning for her vote -- El and Lee, and Flick and Matt.

The moment that El convinced Kristie that Flick couldn't be trusted. Image: Network 10.

While it was probably the right choice for Kristie, who walked away with $500,000, Flick learned some important lessons about finessing her social game, and earning the trust of her tribemates.

"Going in this time, I really want people to think that I didn’t really know what’s going on and downplay my gameplay a lot," she said, adding that she doesn't want to be seen as the "top dog who's making big moves".

"Yes, I’m the one that blindsided my best friend but there’s also a lot of other big players out there, so I’ve got to make sure I hide behind them," she said.

Flick also might need to do some hiding from Brooke, who has had four long years to mull over that blindside and consider the ways she can seek revenge for the moment that gave birth to an iconic tribal council smirk.

Brooke is going to want payback for this smirk alone. Image: Network 10.

"To be honest, I don’t know if I was actually smiling!" Flick said when we asked her about the legendary 'Australian Survivor' moment. 

"I don’t know if that was the editing or what because I just feel like I couldn’t even look at her when I did it, I did feel really, really bad, obviously," she promised. 

"But I knew it was the best move to make for my game, she was a huge threat so I had to get rid of her," she added.

"I’d watched a lot of 'Survivor' before and I always knew that a lot of people let these big threats get to the end and then they regret it."

Flick said she knew Brooke would probably be back "wanting my blood" but optimistically raised the possibility that they might align again "because there's going to be bigger fish out there".

Image: Network 10.

"I was still excited to see her out there," Flick said.

"Just because obviously we did work so well together in Season 1... until I blindsided her."

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' premieres on February 3. Only on 10 and WIN Network.