I’m A Celebrity 2020: Charlotte Crosby Isn't Planning On Visiting Ryan In Goulburn Just Yet

Fresh from the jungle, Charlotte Crosby was over the moon to be out of the camp she called home for almost a month.

Battling food she didn’t like, freezing cold showers she never took and struggling with the dirt, leaves and tucker trials Charlotte said, “You can’t really understand until you’re there… It’s hard.”

The one thing that got her through where the bonds she made with her fellow celebs -- her friendships with Tanya Hennessy, Miguel Maestre, Cosentino and Rhonda Burchmore (to name a few), as well as her jungle romance with Ryan Gallagher.

“You don’t expect to make these friendships that are so strong,” Charlotte said. “I can’t wait to go back to Australia and go see them at work, see one of Cos’ shows or one of Rhonda’s shows or one of Ryan’s shows… WHY does everyone have shows?”

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Speaking of shows, Ryan and Charlotte’s TV romance has come under fire as a fake ‘showmance’ of late, because the pair have the same agent.

“I don’t blame them,” she said of the people who have second-guessed her feelings for the former ‘Married At First Sight’ star, “It’s the first thing we say in England and now I’ll actually look back and think, well that’s not true.”

According to Charlotte, their shared agent isn’t just a coincidence, it’s how she heard of Ryan in the first place.

After her agent Shane posted a photo with Ryan, Charlotte apparently immediately messaged him to ask who the mystery Aussie was. At this point, she was still with her ex Joshua Ritchie but she explained things were on the way out.

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For the first time in ‘I’m A Celebrity’ history things are getting steamy in camp, with Charlotte Crosby and Ryan Gallagher moving from kissing... to kissing WITH TONGUES.

“We do have the same agent but we both signed at completely different times, we’d never ever met,” Charlotte said. “I obviously fancied him way before I even met him for the first time… I mean he’s a good lookin’ lad, you can’t blame us.

“It would be very hard to fake something every single minute of the day for that long,” she added.

Had their tryst been a showmance Charlotte said she’d be leaving the jungle singing a very different tune.

“I’d be out there going, ‘Yeah we’re in a relationship, we’re getting married and moving in!’ But we’re not doing those things… I really find him attractive, we have a great time together and I really care for him a lot.

"He’s everything that I want in a man, so I’d like to take things slow.”

Waiting for her on the other side of the rope bridge to freedom, Ryan and Charlotte will get to spend a few days together before she goes back to the UK. Then she’s heading to Dubai with some friends before flying to Australia for what she hopes will be a whole month.

“I plan on staying for that long,” she said, “I’ll have a bit of work, and me and Ryan are planning on spending a week together.”

While she and Ryan will have their Aussie reunion, Charlotte’s not getting too ahead of herself when the question of a visit to Ryan’s hometown of Goulburn pops up.

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“I don’t know whether I’m ready to meet the family just yet,” she said. “You’ve got to remember we’ve only known each other for just under four weeks, I’ve just come out of a really serious relationship.

“I’d like to spend some time just me and him, maybe go on a few dates, see what it’s like without the cameras and then -- obviously -- I do want to meet his parents.”

Ryan, on the other hand, will be meeting Charlotte’s mum in a matter of hours when she lands in South Africa.

While she said her time on ‘I’m A Celebrity’ was a lot more difficult than she ever expected, having Ryan there made things so much easier.

“I felt for everyone who were missing their loved ones and partners because me and Ryan were sat there every night kissing and cuddling -- basically dry humping,” she said, laughing.

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