I’m A Celebrity 2020: Ryan Gallagher Hits Back At Charlotte Crosby ‘Showmance’ Rumours

Fresh out of the jungle, one half of Rylotte finally had the ability to respond to the rumours that his romance with Charlotte Crosby was all a sham.

The 31-year-old was in great spirits having just left the camp, and despite "already missing Charlotte", Ryan Gallager said his overall experience was great.

“I know it sounds terrible but I loved it,” he told 10 daily. “I loved sleeping there, I loved being under the stars, I loved the noises, being outdoors, the company -- the people were amazing -- I can’t fault it.

“I felt at home in there and I didn’t want to leave.”

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Ryan said that he had an overwhelming feeling that he was definitely heading home on Tuesday night, following a few clashes with the previously eliminated Perez Hilton, Ryan also attributed the end of his jungle journey to his performance in his final trial.

Alongside Charlotte and Perez, Ryan was tasked with bungee jumping off a platform and dropping a pickle on a giant burger in front of him. A major fear of heights, Ryan backed out of the trial leaving Perez to be the only celeb to complete the jump -- twice.

“People are obviously going, ‘Oh, he failed’,” Ryan said, “ I see it as a failure. I let everyone down and that’s something that’s eating at me since it happened. I should have done it.”

Even though he was still beating himself up for not completing the jump, Ryan admitted he still doesn’t think he could actually do it.

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‘Completely False’: I’m A Celeb Producers Slam Reports Stars Have Been Having Sex In Jungle

A recent story published this week claimed that ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ stars Ryan Gallagher and Charlotte Crosby have been having sex in the camp behind the long drop toilet.

“Growing up I had a fear of elevators,” he said, “I don’t think I could have physically done it. I’ve thought about the situation so many times and every time it still scares the sh*t out of me.”

Part of the reason why Ryan says he had such a positive experience in the camp was due to Charlotte. The pair had DM’d before the show -- unaware they’d soon be seeing each other in the jungle, or that’s what they wanted us to believe.

As things progressed very quickly in camp, many people believed the whole thing was a set-up, a showmance, aimed at getting the pair more screen time. Adding fuel to the theory that it was all planned, Ryan and Charlotte are represented by the same agent.

“I went in there as myself and I wouldn’t do anything for the camera,” Ryan said in response to the ‘showmance’ rumours.

“At the start of the show, when we first slept in the same bed, I said, ‘If you’re doing this for the cameras, I want nothing to do with it’.

I’m A Celebrity 2020: Ryan Gallagher Hits Back At Charlotte Crosby ‘Showmance’ Rumours
Can these two crack it in the real world? Ryan seems sure of it. Photo: Network 10.

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I’m A Celebrity 2020: Ryan Gallagher Breaks Down Talking About His Mum's Battle With Cancer

During a chat with all the celebs about their chosen charities, the reality star was in tears talking about his mum’s ongoing battle with cancer.

“I don’t want my heart broken at the end of it, I was starting to get feelings for her,” he admitted. “She told me she wasn’t doing it for the cameras, so what more can you do but believe her? “I’m not stupid. There are real feelings there, on my side definite feelings.”

For many of the celebs, being cut off from their friends, family and loved ones takes a real toll on them, mentally. For Ryan and Charlotte, they took advantage of their very unique circumstances.

“It all just fell into place,” he said, “I didn’t expect any of it but I’m very lucky. It felt like I had a loved one in there -- I had someone I could talk to and trust and even just have a cuddle. It goes a long way in a place like that.”

While many were struggling to be so isolated from their partners, Ryan said he gained strength from his bond with Charlotte.

“I did a love show before and didn’t get anything out of it, so to go into a show that’s about a jungle -- and to walk out with someone I care about, it’s amazing. I didn’t expect it,” he said. “I’ve never met anyone more on my level than her.”

The pair spent a lot of time in camp discussing what would happen when they were on the other side, back in the real world. With Charlotte living in the UK and Ryan back in Goulburn, things were definitely tricky. Thinking one step at a time Ryan told 10 daily his plan was to simply wait for the former ‘Geordie Shore’ star.

“I’ll be waiting for her when she gets out. I’ll see her.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.