'It Cut Me Deep': Brooke Told Us What She Wrote In Her Diary After Getting Blindsided

The moment that Brooke Jowett got blindsided by Felicity Eggington has gone down as one of the most brutal betrayals in 'Australian Survivor' history.

So it was very juicy news indeed when both Brooke and Flick were announced for 'All Stars', with fans wondering if the former friends would reconcile or whether Brooke still had revenge on her mind.

"I don’t want to say I was bitter, but it did take a while to get over," Brooke told 10 daily of her shock elimination in 2016.

"I think it was just because I was so blinded," she added. "I was blinded by our friendship. Out there and it’s an individual game and in the real world I’m a really loyal person so getting blindsided and betrayed… it cut me deep."

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It's still painful to watch Brooke's relaxed demeanour switch in an instant to one of horror as Jonathan La Paglia announces she's been voted off -- compounded by the smug grin that Flick wears after pulling off the impressive coup.

"I get a little dagger to the heart every time I see that smirk," Brooke explained. "It’s like that scene in 'The Simpsons', you can pause it and see the moment my heart breaks," she laughed.

You can pinpoint the moment her heart breaks. Image: FOX/10.

Brooke told 10 daily that while her memory was "really blurred" after she got her torch snuffed out, she did jot down a few of her feelings in her diary when she got to jury villa.

"I read it the other day and it’s so funny," she laughed. "I can remember the first few lines being like, 'I’m off the island, I was betrayed by my best friend' and, ‘I can’t believe I’ve been blindsided, I’m in shock'.

"It seems so dramatic when I look at it now but I was really cut up," she added, explaining that her prose was in "in capitals".

"Just digging the pen into the diary, pressing really hard, probably tear-stained!" she laughed.

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While Brooke left 'Australian Survivor' earlier than she would have liked, the game did inspire her to get started on her career as a personal trainer.

"I kind of think Survivor sparked my passion for fitness, all the challenges, I really thrived off that aspect last time," she said. "It kind of dawned on me that it’s my passion and now I’ve got all my qualifications, it's been great."

But while Brooke had happily settled into her new job just months before receiving the fateful 'All Stars' call, there was no way she was going to turn it down.

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"I did not hesitate at all," she said, explaining that she wanted to return, having learnt from her Season 1 mistakes.

"I came back wanting to settle the score and just to make sure to learn from my mistakes and not be too trusting and keep my head in the game," she said. "I also wanted to see how far I could push my body.

"I’ve been training so much over the last few years and I wanted to be able to see the difference."

Brooke was already a challenge threat the first time she played 'Survivor' and she'll be entering 'All Stars' fitter than ever -- but while she's got the physical side of the game locked down, the social side is a bit trickier.

Playing against real-life friends Nick Iadanza and Phoebe Timmins is something Brooke knew she'd have to "keep under wraps".

"It’s definitely really hard," she said. "You want people there that you really like but the thought of blindsiding someone that you’re actually friends with in the real world... I mean, don’t ask Flick, she’d probably say it was fine. 

"But for me, I think it definitely makes things more complicated."

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' premieres on February 3. Only on 10 and WIN Network.