Myf Warhurst And Ryan Gallagher The Eighth And Ninth Celebrities To Leave The Jungle

It was a shock for our campmates to hear that two of them would be heading home, and unfortunately for Ryan and Myf it was their time to leave the camp.

Conquering her intense fear of heights not once but TWICE, Myf kicked off her ‘I’m A Celebrity’ experience by bungee jumping out of a helicopter.

Later, she proved what an incredible trooper she was by facing the Scariest Trial Ever, sliding off the side of a waterfall and swinging out into a canyon.

Don't even mention the bull's penis she had to scoff down during Spin it To Bin It.

The whole experience was a bit of a shock to Myf -- and we’re not just talking about the Hellympic Games where she was hooked up to electrodes. The biggest surprise for the radio and TV personality was just how much she enjoyed life in camp.

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Her immense courage was matched by her compassion and kindness, the beating heart and soul of the camp, Myf kept the campmates sane with her level-headedness and that giggle which could melt even the coldest of hearts.

Myf’s time in the jungle was in support of Pets of the Homeless Australia, an organisation that provides foodbanks and foster care for pets of those who are experiencing homelessness, financial struggle or domestic violence.

“Their motto is ‘keep best friends together’, I just think that’s a really sweet thing,” Myf said to 10 daily before heading into the jungle.

“I don’t know if you’ve got pets but, if you’re feeling in any way disconnected from the world… that’s one thing that can help you feel very connected to the everyday and to the wider world.”

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Almost immediately after meeting Ryan and Charlotte began flirting, and despite living in a camp with no contact to the outside world, barely any food and forced to endure terrifying tucker trials, the pair seemed to only get closer.

While Charlotte continued to deny the fact that she wanted to get into anything too serious after only just coming out of a two-year relationship, Ryan and her flirtation continued to develop into late-night spooning sessions by the campfire, pashes at the kitchen sink and the occasional joke about their lives together on the outside world.

Meanwhile, Ryan was also in the camp to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation, in honour of his mum who has been battling cancer for most of Ryan’s life.

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Though one of his biggest fears may be heights, Ryan bungee jumped out of a helicopter and faced the Scariest Trial Ever by sliding off the side of a waterfall to swing out into the gorge below.

Ryan also showed that his stomach has gotten stronger from his days of vomiting up oysters on his televised honeymoon, tackling the hysterically funny, remarkably grotesque Spewdio 54.

While he may be out of the jungle, Ryan’s adventure may just be beginning, who knows -- we might be seeing him on the Geordie Shore yet.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.