‘I Needed Everything To Be Thrown Out The Window’: Myf Warhurst’s Fresh Start In The Jungle

Myf Warhurst conquered her fears, ate more beans than any human should and had the most transformative time while in the jungle.

The heart and soul of the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ camp, the TV and radio personality left the jungle a new person.

“I needed [my world] opened up again in a way that this did,” Myf told 10 daily soon after she left alongside Ryan Gallagher in Tuesday’s double elimination.

“I needed everything to be thrown out the window and start fresh, I needed a clean slate,” she said, adding, “I just feel so much more relaxed -- really relaxed -- I’m not worried, I was worried about everything before I went in, you know.”

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It was a shock for our campmates to hear that two of them would be heading home, and unfortunately for Ryan and Myf it was their time to leave the camp.

Before she began her time in the jungle Myf said she had gotten to a point where life was clouded with anxieties and she found herself stressing the small stuff. Now, on the other side of camp life, she had a whole new perspective.

“It was really challenging on so many levels,” she said, “just trying to navigate your way through it. But I loved it, I feel really good coming out the other side of it.

“I truly think not having my phone for a lot of it was really good, taking an actual, true, real break from all of it,” Myf said.

Having bonded with her fellow celeb campmates for the past three weeks, Myf admitted she didn’t expect to make such strong relationships with the other celebs.

“I knew Rhonda but, just hanging out with her, knowing how gorgeous she is and she’s real. I was really happy that there were people like that in there. Everything you see is what you get.”

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Myf and Rhonda sat down for a chat and bonded over their shared love of the stage and screen.

Similarly, Myf found a real friendship with ‘Love Island’s Erin Barnett. “She comes from a totally different world, but she’s a real person. She was the first to clean the dunnies, the first to help you if something was wrong,” Myf said.

“[Erin’s] just really caring and thoughtful and I don’t think anyone saw that in previous shows,” she added.

Myf was a shoulder many of the celebs found refuge in when they were doing it tough in camp. When we asked if that was a role she finds herself in out in the real world, she shrugged.

“I just think everyone was going through so much stuff in there, mentally…maybe I get it and that was it?

“Having empathy isn’t a bad thing in this world,” she said. “It’s not rated very highly, I think people see it as a weakness, but I actually see it as a strength. It makes for a better world.”

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While the celebs face terrifying trials, give up their creature comforts for creepy crawlies and vie for the title of King or Queen of the jungle, it’s all for a very good cause.

“If I ever had an issue I tried to work out why it made me feel a certain way. I tried to think about it and go, ‘Okay that’s making me feel a certain way, what is it about me?’ Rather than go, ‘That person’s giving me the sh*ts, can they stop doing that?’

“That was really good for me, to step back and go 'righto, why does that trigger you?' And I’ve learned a lot from that. Maybe when I go into the real world, I'll be a bit calmer and not take things so personally.”

Myf also tried to take that level-headedness to where she needed it the most: the tucker trials. Despite facing her fear of heights, Myf bungee jumped out of a helicopter and swung off the side of a waterfall and out into the gorge below.

Not only that, but right before she left camp, Myf embarked on her first eating challenge -- consuming raw eel topped with a poached fish eye as well as sliced bull’s penis. Each time she was faced with a challenge, she overcame it (even if it did come with a few tears).

“I wanted to do it for the camp. I wanted to do it for my charity a lot -- that was really important -- and personally, I knew I’d be really upset with myself if I didn’t try because that’s what I came here for.”

Saying that some of the trials felt almost traumatic, having to face her fears (and dressed as a fluorescent superhero) gave Myf a lot to be proud of.

“I didn’t think I could, I didn’t think I’d make it this far. I didn’t think I’d do half the stuff I’ve done, I didn’t think I COULD do half the stuff I’ve done… and I did it. I’m really proud of that.

“I feel like I’m really excited for the next bit, whatever it is,” she said. “That’s something I was frightened of, I didn’t know what the next bit is… and it doesn’t matter now. Whatever comes, comes.

“It’s really had an effect on me in that respect. I just have to ride whatever out, see what happens. I just feel really lucky.”

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